Saturday, July 11, 2020

A hot and humid summer.

This may be the hottest summer I can remember.
It's no shock to reach +40C and the humidity is through the roof.
We used to get a day or two of this weather and then cool relief. But of late, it's one day after the next.
It's very hard to have gardens. 
But you know who does love this weather...why, the good old Canadian mosquito. :-(

I have a garden shed. :-)
We built it from a kit from Cosco. It said if you are old like us (lol) it should take four days. Well, they don't know the retired-guy. He had to change this and add that and of course that all took more time.
The best part was he added a sink so I can wash up veggies and dirty hands.
I'm pretty happy with my new get-away.

Hey, come on in.

It won't stay this neat for long.

I've already added two chairs and a table for tea, of course. ;-)
(just forgot to take a photo)

All done. Now I can play.

Our veggie garden is surviving this heat spell but only because we are watering it daily.
And our neighbour's well has run dry so it can worry you somewhat.

I should just stay in and do this all day.

The poor birds are still making nests and some are choosing our houses.
We have had six houses used over the spring and summer.
It's been wonderful watching the birds grow and fledge.
House wrens, tree swallows and eastern phoebes.

House wrens at work

We've been coping ok with the covid 19 scare but it is getting tedious.
We have seen our immediate family lately but mostly we just stay home.
There is lots to do here and we are finally getting projects completed.
And I'm so thankful for our cats, birds, flowers and Ernie.

Just home from the market

House wren nesting

Ernie says "stay cool every-body"

I wish you all well.
Let's mask up and get life back to normal soon.

hugs, Deb


  1. Loving your shed. Your cat’s pose is adorable. Gail

  2. I absolutely love your new garden shed! I know you have wanted one for a long time and this one is perfect! You already have it fixed up so cute. I love all the flowers and plants in front of it and the way the window swings open. I look forward to seeing what you do with it because I know it will be wonderful.

    It cracks me up to see Wilson sleeping on his back all sprawled out! Our male cat, Zeus, sleeps the same way with his big feet sticking up all over the place. I hope Cora is feeling better. She is just the prettiest and sweetest little girl.

    Ernie looks happy and well fed! ; ) He also looks like he is getting used to having his picture taken. Well, he is a photogenic little gentleman! Take care Deb and stay cool and well!

  3. What a great shed...or should I say....cabin ?? that is large !!

    And you know what, sometimes I worry that our cats don't know how to completely relax....

    Our heat wave ended today with a massive rain fall, which ended our drought. Yards are all brown and yellow. Hottest summer I can remember, hottest July on record so far.

    Stay safe....

  4. The shed looks really great..Good enough
    to live in..nothing like a shed to get
    away to..Thought the outside looks really
    smart..! HeHe! Net curtains perhaps..! :o).

    I've started an Ernie folder, as l did for
    Simon..hopefully..l can add one or two
    photos now and again, l enjoy looking
    through Simon's folder, with a mug of tea..
    What characters they are..Bless!x

    Best get on..7.30 over here, suns been
    up a couple of hours, hot weekend forecast..
    It's about time, as we've had rain for a few
    days..! And..l don't do rain..! Well, it's
    so wet isn't it..All up together though..! :o).
    🌱 🌽 🌿 🍅 🍇 🍈 🍉 🌱 🌽 🌿 🍅 🍇 🍈

  5. Hello Deb, I have been away..separated from my blog for 10months...far too long sigh!! Well I decided to go right through my blog list to renew contact with blog friends and also to invite everyone to my Fresh Start Giveaway. It is tediously hot here but the pool has finally opened with restrictions and although other people complain I dont find it so bad . I think it is a question of just accepting what must be to fight this situation. I heartily envy you your getaway...s0 lucky :-) Great photos and I adore your furry friends . Keep well Amanda :-)

  6. That's a delightful shed! We too have been hot and dry, but I won't complain because I store up the feeling to bring out when I'm freezing my tuchas off in Winter.
    Don't you just love watching cat sleep? They seem so boneless...

  7. That shed looks awesome!! The sink is a great idea too. It is warm here, but overcast today and comfy indoors ;)
    WE hope you are enjoying the Summer and your home and all the critters.
    Stay cool!!
    Nancy and the kitties(Georgia and Julie)

  8. It's always good to see you here, Deb. I love the shed -- that'll be a total delight and it's really cute, inside and out. It has been hot here, too, but in the past two days cooled noticibly and with big wind. Maybe it will come north east to you. I hope so.

  9. I LOVE your garden shed! The outside is so cute with the flower boxes. It's just perfect! Wilson is so funny sleeping in the box. He reminds me of Smokey with his teeth showing. Ernie looks happy and right at home. Oh Deb, it is terribly hot and humid here too. I should have watered the garden this evening before dark...everything was totally wilted, but I just didn't have the energy to drag that hose around, again! We need rain really bad. It is this way every summer. Just when the tomatoes start looking good the rain stops. Sure enjoyed your post; seeing the bird houses and Wilson and I always love a peek inside your cupboards. You have such special things. Take care, and enjoy your little shed. I love it! Hug the kitties for me.

  10. Love your shed. Love the kitty pics. Be well and stay safe. ~ FlowerLady

  11. How lovely to see a post from you. Your She Shed is delightful & well done to your retired guy creating a little haven for you. Ah Wilson does look comfortable. Of course we share a love of our little chippy friends, I just got mine a big bag of sunflower seeds to augment the peanuts.

  12. I just love your new garden shed Deb - you will find it so useful and fun I'm sure. Hubby did a super build - you are a lucky gal!
    Sorry it's so very hot and humid there, we have similar which is normal. I recall in 2010 when we were in Montreal and Quebec City in mid-July, with our granddaughter in tow, the temps. were like that. I didn't know until then that Canada ever got weather that hot.
    Mozzies are awful - I'm covered in bites even though I spray whenever outside.
    Glad kitties, birds and Ernie are well - they aren't concerned like we humans regarding COVID-19, lucky things!

    Stay well and safe - all your family too dear Deb.
    Hugs - Mary (longing to travel but can't go anywhere other than the grocery!!!)

  13. I always enjoy your updates. I'm surprised that your weather is so hot, as I somehow think of Ontario as cooler than my native New England. Here in Kentucky we are launched into weeks of the hot and humid season. The cats have the right idea!

  14. The cats have the right idea.

    Fortunately now summer seems to be coming to an end.

  15. wow, love your new shed! it's a beauty!
    we have just started spring here, looking forward to some warmer weather, though it will get hot fast as usual, this is a nice time to get back out in the gardens; sorry to hear Cora is having skin issues, a lot of long haired pets usually do, though mine aren't as bad now i feed raw food, also found egg yolks help too
    all the best & hope her skin settles down
    thanx for sharing

  16. Been a while since your last post, hope all is well with you and your's.

  17. Your garden shed looks so cozy! All the details <3

  18. Should we be concerned that Deb has not posted since July 11? I do hope she and her family are well.