Saturday, July 11, 2020

A hot and humid summer.

This may be the hottest summer I can remember.
It's no shock to reach +40C and the humidity is through the roof.
We used to get a day or two of this weather and then cool relief. But of late, it's one day after the next.
It's very hard to have gardens. 
But you know who does love this weather...why, the good old Canadian mosquito. :-(

I have a garden shed. :-)
We built it from a kit from Cosco. It said if you are old like us (lol) it should take four days. Well, they don't know the retired-guy. He had to change this and add that and of course that all took more time.
The best part was he added a sink so I can wash up veggies and dirty hands.
I'm pretty happy with my new get-away.

Hey, come on in.

It won't stay this neat for long.

I've already added two chairs and a table for tea, of course. ;-)
(just forgot to take a photo)

All done. Now I can play.

Our veggie garden is surviving this heat spell but only because we are watering it daily.
And our neighbour's well has run dry so it can worry you somewhat.

I should just stay in and do this all day.

The poor birds are still making nests and some are choosing our houses.
We have had six houses used over the spring and summer.
It's been wonderful watching the birds grow and fledge.
House wrens, tree swallows and eastern phoebes.

House wrens at work

We've been coping ok with the covid 19 scare but it is getting tedious.
We have seen our immediate family lately but mostly we just stay home.
There is lots to do here and we are finally getting projects completed.
And I'm so thankful for our cats, birds, flowers and Ernie.

Just home from the market

House wren nesting

Ernie says "stay cool every-body"

I wish you all well.
Let's mask up and get life back to normal soon.

hugs, Deb