Monday, February 4, 2019

A little catch-up.

I won't go on about how time flies because I know that you all feel the same.
January seems like a blur although we had one storm after another and it was as cold as blazes.
That I remember. :-b
We are enjoying a bit of a reprieve from the low temperatures as February moves along.

I have been busy cat-sitting for my vacationing clients and, of course, the house-building continues.
We have been caring for our two grand-cats, Joe and Rae-Rae for a month while a family member and his dog stays with our daughter who is owned by Forrest, the big black dog.
That's too many dogs as far as our grand-cats are concerned. So...they are holidaying here. =^..^= =^..^=
And because our two pampered felines, Annie & Wilson, prefer to be the only cats in the mouse-house the free-loaders are staying in the new house. We have the basement set up with cat trees, toys, a couch, tv, a warm pellet stove and gourmet food.
It's not a bad gig.
And they don't seem to mind the sound of a hammer.
(music to my ears. :)

I don't have a lot to say because it has been a time to hunker down, work inside, cook comfort food, bake and drink a ton of tea. It's been quiet.

Here are a few photos of the goings-on at Fox Grove. :)

Watching the crows fly in.

Keeping our birds and squirrels well fed.

 Our friendly and sweet chickadees

The cats are staying comfy.

 Annie & Wilson

And our workers always have a smile. :)
This one especially.

                                                                       SIL Mike

 I'll gather a few more pics soon. We are having another inspection on the house this week so lots of little fiddly stuff to do. And the main bathroom is being tiled today. :-)

I hope I have a more colourful post next time.
I need some yellow and green in my life. As many of you do, too.

 Wilson just popped up to say..."here, take a pic of this." lol

Stay cozy.
Be kind, Deb