Monday, February 4, 2019

A little catch-up.

I won't go on about how time flies because I know that you all feel the same.
January seems like a blur although we had one storm after another and it was as cold as blazes.
That I remember. :-b
We are enjoying a bit of a reprieve from the low temperatures as February moves along.

I have been busy cat-sitting for my vacationing clients and, of course, the house-building continues.
We have been caring for our two grand-cats, Joe and Rae-Rae for a month while a family member and his dog stays with our daughter who is owned by Forrest, the big black dog.
That's too many dogs as far as our grand-cats are concerned. So...they are holidaying here. =^..^= =^..^=
And because our two pampered felines, Annie & Wilson, prefer to be the only cats in the mouse-house the free-loaders are staying in the new house. We have the basement set up with cat trees, toys, a couch, tv, a warm pellet stove and gourmet food.
It's not a bad gig.
And they don't seem to mind the sound of a hammer.
(music to my ears. :)

I don't have a lot to say because it has been a time to hunker down, work inside, cook comfort food, bake and drink a ton of tea. It's been quiet.

Here are a few photos of the goings-on at Fox Grove. :)

Watching the crows fly in.

Keeping our birds and squirrels well fed.

 Our friendly and sweet chickadees

The cats are staying comfy.

 Annie & Wilson

And our workers always have a smile. :)
This one especially.

                                                                       SIL Mike

 I'll gather a few more pics soon. We are having another inspection on the house this week so lots of little fiddly stuff to do. And the main bathroom is being tiled today. :-)

I hope I have a more colourful post next time.
I need some yellow and green in my life. As many of you do, too.

 Wilson just popped up to say..."here, take a pic of this." lol

Stay cozy.
Be kind, Deb


  1. OH! Progress! Did you build a separate 'cat wing' into your house plans...LOL! There is a park about 45 minutes from home, where they allow birdseed, and the birds just land on your hand; it's so much fun! All of the other parks are, "do not feed the wildlife"

  2. I love that the visiting felines have their own space. Wilson and Annie are so cute. I follow all your great photos on IG so feel like I'm keeping up with you.

  3. Absolute adorableness around the house!

  4. It's wonderful to hear from you! I can't wait to see the progress on the house. You will have a busy and exciting spring. Always enjoy pictures of Annie and Wilson and love seeing them and the rest of the Mouse House activity on your instagram. Stay warm Deb!

  5. Enjoyed your pics! Especially the one of Wilson in the Wilson box!
    Can't wait to seem pictures of the new house. Do you have a move-in date? I'm sure all this wonderful weather slows things down a bit.

  6. We all want yellow and green and I'll be excited to see it. And I agree with others who are smitten with Wilson in the Wilson box, but then I'm always smitten with your gang!

    Here we're just doing our best to survive winter. One day at a time. (Erratic days -- sub-zero one day, 50s the next!). Always good to see a post from you!

  7. I just caught up, got a good chuckle from the cats especially Wilson with all paws in the air!
    love Henny's blog, read it often & she is very talented with the sewing machine!
    ooo can't wait to see the finished new mouse house!
    thanx for sharing

  8. Nice to hear what is going on around your neck of the woods. We love the Wilson box too - what a character.

    Hopefully you will get spring soon.

  9. Birds and snow and cats - wonderful photos. Here, right now, if it grew any colder, molecules would stop vibrating. I would love a spring morning on a weekend, when I could hop on the bicycle and go riding in the sunshine. Maybe next week...

  10. Annie and Wilson are enjoy the snuggle weather. It has been crazy weather! Next up on the menu is an ice storm. Honestly, I would rather have a snow storm. Your house is coming along!

  11. I'm always so happy to see a new post from you. The snow blower photo was a bit of a shock to this Desert Rat! Your photos are always so good; and that Wilson's addition to your family was provedential. Rebecca2

  12. Hey Deb, just checked in to see if there was a post from you...and there is! You always have at least one picture that makes me laugh and this time it's Annie and Wilson in the little bed. Well, all the pictures of Wilson! They remind me of cute little raccoons, and they also look like those little kitty ears and eyes you make. Annie looks sweet and Wilson looks rotten. Sounds like you're making good progress now on the house. Can't wait to see more.

  13. It sounds as if you're very busy. I enjoyed your photographs, especially the chickadees. I've always called my little children and grandchildren 'chickadee'. I've no idea why as we don't have chickadees in UK!

  14. Hey Deb I have been looking at greenhouses and I'm curious about yours - can you send some info on what type it is? I know how much you love it and you use it all season long. Do you leave it up in winter or take it down?

  15. I am so happy I found your blog!!! I am now following you - you can follow back if you wish at Annster's Domain

  16. haha...oh, I see you are like me....too busy to blog! Instagram is just so darn easy and convenient, right? Loving your house progress and the kitties, too!

  17. I'm missing you Deb and hoping all is well with you, family and kitties - and of course that the snow is coming to an end! Love the pics. Sorry, I read this post way back and missed returning to leave a comment - winter has kinda had me frozen in time but now with the arrival of spring I'm thawing out and moving better again!
    Love that gazebo feeder, it looks just like my real gazebo. . . .which I can't wait to sit in again once it warms up. Looking fwd to seeing the new house of course.

    Hugs and good thoughts coming your way. Hope you post soon. I don't do IG so am missing you here.
    Mary x