Saturday, May 18, 2019

Catching up.

First off, Annie is doing well. Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers for her.
Her stitches have been removed since this photo and we hope that will be the end of it.
She is very precious to us.
And she is happy to let you know she is not wearing
her onesie anymore even though she rocked it.

Spring is everywhere at Fox Grove.
So much green and yellow to enjoy.
We have bird houses filling up with nesting birds such as house wrens and tree swallows.
And recently have welcomed a pair of mallard ducks to the feeders. I imagine they are nesting in the ditch somewhere.
Even our little red squirrels are nesting and of late we only have two black crows coming for food.
We are hoping, and expect, really, that the female is on a nest as the other two, after eating, fill their beaks and head off with food daily.

Our Easter Egg Hunt this year was so much fun. We picked the best day for it. No rain and the kids had a blast in the wood-lot.
Even the big ones, I think. :-)

Mother's Day was wonderful. My family joined us for a lovely vegetarian dinner at a local restaurant; yes, even the men went meat-free for a meal. It was amazing. And as usual I was a spoiled mom.

                                                              Now ...Do not over-water.

And now it is the Victoria Day long weekend and we are so busy getting the outside ready for gardens that there is no time for festivities. That's ok, though. I'm just glad to have spring and feel the warm sun when it isn't raining. 

I hope it is sunny where you are and flowers are blooming. We have to wait another week to plant because of our cool nights. Next week there will be no excuses.

Annie and Wilson say "Howdy".

be kind,