Sunday, March 24, 2019

Waiting impatiently for spring.

Hello everyone.
Spring is not showing her beautiful face too quickly this year. We are still covered in snow everywhere. I've struggled to write a post; I'm probably just fed up with winter.
This is the ugly time of year when the snow is dirty and the ground peaks through wherever the sun shines. We have no greenery anywhere and no buds yet on the trees. I anxiously wait for the lilac buds to appear. But...the sun is warmer, brighter and beautiful and we are happy for that. And these little guys are everywhere. :)

The spring birds are returning to our region, bless them, to only be disappointed and have to look for food in the barren trees. Our feeders are extremely busy as the starlings have returned in large numbers to compete with the blue jays, chickadees, nuthatch, doves, woodpeckers, sparrows, cardinals, 3 spoiled crows and all my squirrels. The chipmunks are rising up from their dens one by one. I hope to see Simon soon.
It's such an exciting time of year. A new awakening. Spring is my favorite season with Easter celebrations drawing near.

Every Easter we like to have an Easter hunt for the grandittles in our woodlot. 
Last year we still had snow as Easter was early. This year it is later in the month and that gives us a bit more time to watch the snow disappear. I'm already planning the hunt :-) and as soon as I can I will start chopping away at the ice and snow at the entrance.

Construction continues on the new house.

 Kitchen is in,  main bathroom tiled with heated floors, laundry area is tiled, living area walls are painted both main colour and complimentary colour. It is open-concept so once the floors are in it will feel wonderful. These photos are from February mostly. Will post some new ones soon.

Hanging the fan.

Annie and Wilson are enjoying the spring sunshine; making the best of the sun puddles. And Wilson is often watching for the crows to fly in.

 He chatters and calls us over to witness the exciting event; well, maybe for him as we are pretty used to them. They keep him happy.

His Scottish Fold wannabe look.

Joe and Rae-Rae are still with us; living in the basement of the new house. They have all their needs met and our full attention each evening with a grooming session. They are both good-natured beautiful cats. 

I've met some fabulous felines this winter while cat-sitting for our area. I have new clients and I'm very content with how the business is growing.

I hope everyone is well. I have been reading blogs but not commenting as much as I should. I hope life slows down a bit soon so I can take more time to chat.
I am on instagram at Life at Fox Grove. Drop by if you can.
Enjoy your week.

be kind,