Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thankful Toad

"Hey Toady"
"Whatcha lookin' at?"
"What, you don't see them?"
"Yes Toady, I see them. I'm the one that coaxed them here for your enjoyment

and made sure you have a front row seat."
"Well, thank you, catsitter. I'll do my best not to bite you when you pill me later.
"you're welcome, Toad"
A busy week has come to an end. I am now down to 3 homes each day and will probably pamper these three 'til they are begging for mercy. They will be groomed (if they like that), read to, talked to, cuddled & photographed along with having their meals served with a smile.
The big rush to go south and soak up the sun is coming to an end for my clients as our own weather should start to warm up soon. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! Yes, I've had it with winter.

Lily is doing ok. She is eating better and, for the first time in a few days, she leaped onto my lap for a cuddle and a massage. Ed has certainly sensed that she is not well and has only been checking in on her and not cuddling up with her. That's what animals do...they stay away from the sick ones. He has discovered a comfy corner of the couch and that has been his soft place to fall. I'm still waiting on results from tests.

Today I broke my camera. I feel like I have lost a friend. I will have to dig up an old one from a drawer somewhere and have it do until I purchase a new one. Don't expect much from me for awhile.

hugs, Deb

hugs, Deb
"Happy Leap Year"
                          "I leapt....I claimed"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Draggin' bunnies out (cause I can't take this snow another day)

I'm playing with my cupboard again. Easter is only 6 weeks off so I think it fair to start putting the bunnies out.  Audrey helped, of course. I know Riley's gonna love this. But Nana's have to fill the little bowls with Easter jelly beans, first.

Yes, she feels like velvet
I have lots more to add later.

I know Audrey really wants me to put the Easter tree in the centre of the table this year. Oh ya!

I'm thinking I may have to hang it from the ceiling. about I hang the eggs on an outdoor tree this  year? I love to drive by a house that has the tradition of decorating outdoor trees with Easter eggs. I think that is a German tradition. I almost have to brake just to look at such a beautiful sight. I'm thinking it may be the only thing that saves my decorations from an untimely death.

Today is World Spay Day. Celebrate any way you want but do celebrate. It's worth a toast.

No news on Lily yet. She is eating a little and joined the others for cooked chicken today. I hope to hear from the vet soon.
Tomorrow you will meet Toady. The Toadster, Mr. Toad. He's the master of his universe and let's me pill him without taking my finger off. I love this guy.
hugs, Deb

Monday, February 27, 2012

Carrying on

I'm still waiting for news on Lily. She started to eat again so I'm happy for that. She is frail though,  and we have been told by the vet to take her off the meds for her ear infection as it has a steroid in it and it may be causing this unexpected lack of appetite. I hope to know more tomorrow.
In the meantime...I'm here, there and everywhere. Many duties are waiting at some kitty clients' homes. Meds are given (must count my fingers), meals are served and eaten with gusto
and lots of lovin' dished out.
No matter how I feel, these beautiful cats lift my spirits
It's always hard to leave them even though they have a busy day ahead of bird-watching ....or whatever.

Bud & Chase

hugs, Deb

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hope you are having a sunny Sunday.
I hope to have news on Lily tomorrow.
hugs, Deb

Saturday, February 25, 2012

feeding the hungry

The snowstorm on Friday has brought more birds and squirrels to the feeders. I've seen doves, pigeons, starling, chickadee & squirrels eating from what is supposed to be 'squirrel-proof feeders'. Aren't squirrels hilarious? The red ones are nasty!

This is wonderful entertainment for my kitty clients. What a great way to pass the time while their owners lie on a beach somewhere. When I was over at the 'spot' to feed the ferals there were birds waiting there for food. Everything is so hungry these days.
At home, mom & kid spend their morning in a box and miss everything
while I talk to my orchid in hopes that it likes that and will bloom forever. I'm good with cats....not so much orchids.

I have a busy weekend of cat-sitting but also keeping an eye on Lily. Her ear is looking much better but we still have a few more days of medication. I have noticed just today that she did not eat  breakfast. She just wasn't interested. I am worried about her now. I was told she has a heart murmur and she has lost some weight. I will make an appt. on Monday for a blood test to see what is going on with this beautiful little cat. Until then, I'll coax her with all her favorites to get her eating. Along with the contentment & familiarity of living with older cats, there is always so much worry.  

hugs, Deb

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bigger means cheaper

I guess I should have kept my big mouth shut and not even mentioned Spring. Well, the rabbits are staying.
 We got more snow today than we've had all winter.

It was a good day to get the cat-sitting done early. Making sure the cats in my care are fed, cleaned up after, brushed & given lots of TLCC (tender lovin' cat care)

This never gets old.. I live for it, I love it and I hope to do this 'til I just can't do it no more.
At our home, these 2 know how to hunker down with perfection.
Annie & Cali
This kind of day brings out the Martha Stewart in me. I have to clean and bake.
So, that's what I did and now the house smells like pumpkin bread again.

Yes, we do eat a lot of that. Even the dog loves it. But like me, only in moderation.

Have I got a great cat-tip for you today.
We all want to save money, right? I know I do. 
Dry cat food is cheapest in the largest bags available. Smaller bags are purchased because the owner does not want the food to go stale before the cat can finish it. I also think that we just get used to buying smaller bags and boxes of products and don't even look at the difference in price of the larger bags. Just divide the large bag into smaller portions in tupperware or any type of well-sealed plastic containers and freeze the remaining containers. Your food will not go stale like it would just sitting in the bag and each container is as fresh as a brand new bag for kitty.
My cats love when I open a new bag of kibble. I guess it's like me and my new box of ritz crackers. Oh yum! Crunch..crunch. By freezing their food, each container is like a freshly opened bag. 
You will save money.
Many of my clients do this and I think it's great.
I, as a cat-sitter, know for sure that kitty will not run out of food while on my clock, either.

hugs, Deb

cards, cats & wishful thinking

I love cards. I love giving them and I love receiving them.
Now, I am even making my own. But, once in awhile I come across a lovely card that reminds me of someone. This card makes me think of my mother-in-law, Mabel. She was the first 'bird lover' I ever met. She knew the names of most of our native birds and at Christmas she would have her tree over-flowing with beautiful, festive birds.
I know she will enjoy this card. 
I am off to cat-sit before the big snowstorm hits. Luckily, all the homes are in my town and not in the country.
Did you know that most of my kitty-client homes have 3 cats. That seems to be the magic number in these parts. I have a VERY BUSY weekend ahead with some of my regulars and a new cat to get to know. 
A Maine Coon, no less.
You'll meet him

Later, I will want some tea. Now who shall I invite over to share a cup of tea? How about these two dudes?
Mind you they won't look like this but they have aged gracefully.
hugs, Deb

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Too early? I think not.

I love to put the colours green and apricot together.
 These goblets are carnival glass. I found them at an antique shop last summer. They are really heavy..doubt I'll ever use them. Maybe they will make cute little vases. Who knows...
Are you noticing a lot of Easter bunnies showing up on blogs lately? 
That's a sure sign of Spring.
Sometimes it's so subtle you hardly notice them

I don't think it's too early

"Oh, it's so early I can't even look at them"
"Ya, well they're taking up valuable table space, too"
"Well kitties, I think it is just in the 'nic of time"
     Ok- this one's from last year. The Easter tree will have to wait now that Audrey's in the picture. 
                                               "I'm ready"
hugs, Deb

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where's the hot box?

The wood-stove is not on 24/7 these days as it is getting warmer now. It has been above freezing lately. 
Yes, that is warm for us Canadians
I'm past the 'hot flashes' but I still can't sit near a roaring fire without melting. 
There have been a few complaints being spewed about, though.
even while they are basking in the warmth of the late winter sun
"I miss the hot box"
"Turn it on already."
So to keep Sierra happy, I offer a little beverage in her favorite bowl. You know, the one that won't disturb her whiskers.

She's so easily distracted.
hugs, Deb