Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An unexpected vet visit

I'm downing a big mug of chamomile tea. *as she deflates air from her lungs*
I was back to the vet again today; this time with Lily.
She was rubbing her ear over the weekend and not eating like usual.  It was discovered she has a yeast infection in her right ear. When I weighed her in she was down a pound since last year. That is equal to 10 pounds for a person. I had a different vet today, not my regular Dr. Anne, but she was fabulous. I really like her. She was gentle, thorough, honest & spoke in lay terms. (don't give me all that medical jargon). She referred to her as a frail, old lady (what? she's only 17) which was a kick in the stomach, but I must face the fact that not all my cats will make it to their 20's. She said she has a heart murmur (yikes! first I've heard of that). I'll be taking her in for a medical after her ear clears up to see where she is at with her thyroid & such and then enjoy whatever time we have together. The vet loved Lily. Everyone does. I rescued her in 2003 from a hidious situation (I won't go into it) and she has been the most appreciative cat ever since. If cats can be 'kind' that is how I would describe this beautiful feline.
We have a strong bond and have since the day I brought her home and she loves her Mr. Ed.

She has had a good life with us. I just hope it is for a few more years that we have the privilege of her company.

Lily will be on ear medication for 10 days (Surolan) and then we'll take it from there. Her weight loss is a worry but she is eating, drinking & living her normal life. Oh, how fast 10 years have gone.

I'll leave you with a smile..Now that's tired.
hugs, Deb


  1. Purrs from my crew to Miss Lily! Poor gal, I hope she has a lot more time with you--and Mr. Ed.

    btw, the tea cup is SO nicely shaped to drink from! Thank you again.

  2. Sorry to hear about sweet Lily! May she feel better soon and continue to enjoy her life with her Ed.

  3. What a sweetie, we hope she feels better soon, and her ear heals up. We love the pictures of her and her man cuddling. Wonderful.

  4. Very nice pictures. I hope she will be better. She is so cute look exactly like my Miss Truls. Have a nice day.


  5. She is a beautiful cat! Hope she feels better very soon.

  6. My prayers are coming right back your way Deb, for the lovely Lily and you! Yes, it is a TREASURE to be with these sweethearts that despite horror can be so full of love. She is blessed to have found you and her hubby ED :D!!Sue in Mich.

  7. Oh, poor baby. Lily knows she is loved, that will help.
    Jane x

  8. I'm sorry to hear that Lily wasn't feeling well. I hope those meds clears things right up and she checks out well at her physical.

  9. Oh sweet Lily! She is precious and only 17! I wish her many more years. I know with your wonderful care she will heal soon. Many hugs, Linda

  10. Oh Deb, so sorry Lily is not well. My kitty had thyroid and a heart murmur but went on for quite a long time after the diagnosis so try not to worry too much.
    This is when we have to be strong, we know they only live for a short while in comparison but it is such a worry is't it?
    She looks fine to me and I'm sure she'll be okay.

  11. We say boo to unexpected vet visits! I'm glad she's ok thus far. Our older gals may seem frail to others but I've seen my Stella act not very her age at all! LOL (she's such a stinker!) Our love and smiles & purrs & hugs & gentle head scritches to beloved Lily. (& of course Mr. Ed)

    That Woman

  12. You and Lily are both in my prayers. I'm sure her ear will heal up quickly and she will be around for a long time. She is really a sweetheart.

  13. oh your Lily is a beautiful kitty..I hope she is back to her self again soon..and with such loving parents..she will be there in no time..loved the photos..:)

  14. I hope you will have many more years with Lily. She is so pretty. It seems like yesterday when Peanut and Marshmallow were kitten's.
    They both turned ten last month.

    I hope her ears will be better soon.


  15. Hi Deb, your kitties are too sweet. I would have taken exception to that frail comment too. Clovis needs ear drops all the time for he has mites and I clean his ears but it is a fight to the finish so he wins and the vet says "That cat has dirty ears." Clovis tells me what to do pretty much. He is 14 now and still pretty skippy. Thanks so much for visiting with me:-} olive

  16. I´m sending my best vibrations to you!!!

  17. I always love the photos of Lily and Mr Ed.
    I'm hoping (and praying) Lily is feeling better soon.
    I know she has the best of care.