Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Purrrrrrging & Cat-tip of the day

While she's purring...
I'm still purging unwanted stuff. Today I'll be taking books to the used book store in between cat-sitting clients. It is a gorgeous day here with a cool wind and SUN. I know it won't last much longer as we are expecting much colder weather in the next few days.

Cat-tip-of-the-day=^..^=catnip toys
I stopped into a thrift store for 'tiny socks' to make cat-nip toys for the kitties. DO NOT buy expensive cat-nip toys at your local stores when you can pick up baby socks for .10 at  thrift store and a tub of cat-nip at the local pet store or grocery store  for a few dollars and make your own. You will have cat-nip toys for the next year. Just put cat-nip in the heel of the sock and tie above it with a short ribbon.
 Throw on floor and watch what happens. Very cheap...very fun. If you prefer not to use dry nip then put tissue paper in the heel and spray the outside of the sock with liquid cat-nip which is found in all pet stores. When they get 'messy' just pitch them and make a new one.

hugs, Deb


  1. I make cat nip toys from old clothing and dried homegrown (organic)catnip....the cats love them...lots of silly rolling around and drooling! (The cats,not me)
    Jane x

  2. Beautiful kitty and great tip=my babies LOVE catnip and I especially appreciate your idea because I do not sew!!...Hope you, your lovely family and all your gorgeous babies are happy and well, Deb...hugs...J

  3. cute kitty nip toy =)
    my brats have gotten the expensive toys from the store but this idea looks like something even I (the craft challenged chick) can do =)
    thanks for the idea!

  4. Thanks for that wonderful tip, I usually make little bags but I will beg some outgrown socks from my grand daughter.

  5. That IS a great tip. Thanks bunches. I like that it is NO SEW! Happy Sitting!

  6. That looks like a good way to make a catnip toy, thanks for the tip.. Hugs GJ

  7. I came back to say that I looked at the painting and yes very like me... Hugs GJ x

  8. BRILLIANT!! ANd I have a big mohair sock of Gordon's put aside to make into a cat toy. Yeah, it's kinda of huge but too good to toss (the other one go a hole in it and he turfed it!) I am so stealing this idea, and I will get some baby socks too.

  9. Nip sockies are a favorite at our house, too. I do seasonal colors and designs for holidays too. Great budget gifts for kitties.
    Another great home made toy is a wine cork with a piece of jute tied around it. (of course, you have to mind the string and use only with supervision.)I got the idea just a bit ago from kitty Pernille's blog My Little Cat World. They are a huge hit with us.