Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thankful Toad

"Hey Toady"
"Whatcha lookin' at?"
"What, you don't see them?"
"Yes Toady, I see them. I'm the one that coaxed them here for your enjoyment

and made sure you have a front row seat."
"Well, thank you, catsitter. I'll do my best not to bite you when you pill me later.
"you're welcome, Toad"
A busy week has come to an end. I am now down to 3 homes each day and will probably pamper these three 'til they are begging for mercy. They will be groomed (if they like that), read to, talked to, cuddled & photographed along with having their meals served with a smile.
The big rush to go south and soak up the sun is coming to an end for my clients as our own weather should start to warm up soon. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! Yes, I've had it with winter.

Lily is doing ok. She is eating better and, for the first time in a few days, she leaped onto my lap for a cuddle and a massage. Ed has certainly sensed that she is not well and has only been checking in on her and not cuddling up with her. That's what animals do...they stay away from the sick ones. He has discovered a comfy corner of the couch and that has been his soft place to fall. I'm still waiting on results from tests.

Today I broke my camera. I feel like I have lost a friend. I will have to dig up an old one from a drawer somewhere and have it do until I purchase a new one. Don't expect much from me for awhile.

hugs, Deb

hugs, Deb


  1. Don't cats have the most deeply beautiful intense faces?!
    Jane x
    Glad that Lily feels a bit better xxx

  2. Such a great view for a cat with squirells and birds.


  3. What a sweet boy !
    Your cats are so pampered and loved, it always makes me smile to see their happy little faces :)
    No camera ? Darn...

  4. I'm with you in that "Pleeeeeeease no mo sno".
    The starlings have discovered my feral cousins station and are giving the girls intense enjoyment.They sit on their bench in the window hunkered way down in hopes of ??????? I top it up around suppertime in hopes the ferals will come back. I'm sure with this next storm they will.
    Thinking of Lily and poor lonesome Ed!

  5. Love the third pic. That face is so sweet. Glad he got some cat t.v. in.

  6. Glad to hear that Lily is feeling better. Still sending good healing thoughts your way. Love this funny cats face! hugs, Linda

  7. Toady is adorable! I think you have the ideal job for you. I'm glad to make your acquaintence, Deb, and I've enjoyed perusing your blog today!
    Hugs, Beth

  8. So glad to hear Lily is doing alright. Hope she continues to improve.

  9. Uh oh! Sorry about the camera. Occupational hazard! Toady looks full of character. He's so lucky that you provide a show. Best wishes to Lily. Hope that good trend continues.

  10. What sweet images Deb, cats will never tire me as an object for my lens (so sorry about your camera!) - I know you're the same. I hope things continue to improve with Lily - it's always such a concern when they're not up to their usual selves.
    About the little grey cat in my blog-post that looks like Audrey..
    He is ok, but sadly his brother just died two days ago (the one sat just to the left in the image, you can't really see him - they looked like identical twins). I'll be posting about them later today. We have had the coldest winter here ever on record and it has been so costly cat-wise. Anyhow... more later.
    Big hug from Greece,

  11. lovely face, that! you do a grand job. I know what you mean about cameras .. there are some great ones about now though... happy buying.. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx