Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February

Happy February! A new month has rolled in and we are now in the depths of winter.

I guess to welcome in the month of  red I should show you a new thrift store purchase I made recently.
Red is a colour that is hard to find in my home but this little baby was comin' home with me. It looks pretty spiffy with all my cream and white dishes.

It's a Heron Cross Pottery (1876) piece made in England.

I'm not only a cat-sitter these days, I am also a bird-feeder. During the winter months I am always asked to keep bird-feeders filled for people who regularly feed them but will be travelling for awhile. "No problem, I'd love to." I'll be showing you some of my kitty clients and birdy clients during the cold months of February & March.

Around our home,  we are mostly seeing Blue jays, Cardinals & Chickadee's. I'm looking forward to what comes around the feeders out in the country. I won't know what they are called but I'll enjoy them, anyway.
Audrey has picked out her Valentine already. She will spend her time wiggling her way into the heart of the retired-guy.
We were out for breakfast with grand-daughter, Riley today.

Then we went Valentine sticker shopping.
Good way to start off a new month.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Hi Deb,
    Oh, what a gorgeous piece you found! I love it!! It would look wonderful holding tulips too. Your Riley is adorable, by the way. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I can always count on smiles when I visit you!
    You tempt me to become a cat sitter...but with our travels to see our sons, it just wouldn't work.
    So I will just enjoy my two cats and visit those up for adoption at the pet store.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I do like that jug..I know, I know, I don't like red...but that looks dark pink to me!
    Jane x

  4. That is a gorgeous piece of red pottery! Love it!! Oh Audrey is so cute in the retired guys lap! hugs, Linda

  5. love the red and white toile looking pitcher..its Audrey asleep on the lap and the photos of you, hubby and Riley are sweet..hope you had fun sticker shopping.;)

  6. Riley is absolutely adorable....I am going to the beach in a week; want to come feed my Angel-Kitty?

  7. Riley is such a beautiful little girl.....I know you're enjoying every moment with her.

    I was thinking you'd end up with Audrey.....hoping she'll have the retired guy to cuddle with...

  8. It's really a beautiful and charming piece, Deb. Do you wonder how something so lovely ends up in a thrift shop? Its something I always wonder when I find a real treasure there.
    How is Annie? Do the girlies still cuddle? Love to all of the kitties and your lovely look alike grand-daughter too!

  9. THRIFT STORE????? I guess you went on the right day alright! It's a beauty. So is your darling girl! I enjoyed your tea post. I had no such experience as I was growing up. Such a lovely memory to have. . .

  10. You are keeping the cats and the birds entertained! You are the sweetest Deb! I am sorry you are experiencing winter. I am very happy to report that we have no snow and we are in the +'s. Could we in Saskatchewan be so lucky to have only experienced 2 weeks of winter? Hope hope hope....

    xo Catherine

  11. Sticker shopping with a grandchild is DEFINITELY a great way to start the month!! ;) Love your new red!! blessings ~ Tanna

  12. Hello..mmm love that new jug !! I love feeding the birds too and as the weather has been so mild until this morning I hadn't needed to put fresh water out (lots of rain) but today I had to boil a kettle to de-ice the water bowls. Look forward to seeing a photo of a chickadee...'cos I have no idea what one looks like !! Gail x