Sunday, February 12, 2012

a lazy day

Today was a cold & dark day with just a bit of sun to warm the bones of the oldsters and a couple of youngsters, too.
Do you see the tips missing on the Aloe Vera plant? I have to place it high up now as I discovered months ago that it is actually toxic for cats. Did not know that! Now it comes down for sun only if the dining-room door is closed. They also nibble on the shamrock but that seems to be ok. They like the flowers. "Thanks, ladies." I  happen to like the flowers, too. Please stop!

Breakfast out with family started the day off fine although I was dragging myself after a sleepless night.
Audrey and Annie decided that under the cover of the dark night they would have a game of tag that lasted for hours.
They would not settle down and the alarm went off much too early for me this morning. Off to cat-sit before breakfast and say good-bye to a few charges that will see their owners tonight after a week home-alone. I'll miss seeing them but I am always happy to know they will have their bed-buddies again.

These two have not done much else but sleep by the fire this weekend. I just may join them.

hugs, Deb


  1. We don't have houseplants...the cats think they are a salad bar!
    Jane x

  2. The last photo is adorable - the two, keeping each other warm.