Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's talk turkey

Since we are looking at March in the face, I wasn't surprised to head out on a walk with Kane today only to be bombarded with a snow-storm that lasted all of 8 minutes. Before leaving, it was sunny, mild, a gorgeous day, and as I was getting ready I decided to throw on a thin scarf for colour only, nothing practical here. 10 minutes later I have my hood up, my sun-glasses are covered with flakes and I'm zipped up to the chin. The dog just gives me a look of "You had to pick this time to walk me. Honestly!".
But that's the end of February around these parts and by the time we got to our street again, the sun was shining, the dog's coat was drenched and I looked like a drowned rat. 
I said 'Farewell' to Ebony and hope that I will see her again soon. She was so much fun to care for and I loved all the surprises at the bird-feeders. I told the owners about the wild turkeys arriving one morning and he said "how many did you see?" I replied "4" and he laughed and said "there is usually 40"
I think I'd have locked the doors if I had seen 40 of those faces looking at me.

I have a history with this guy

Now I do find them interesting and I was actually quite thrilled to see them arrive for breakfast but one day, years back, while on my way to my friend, Christine's home in the country,I came across a flock of these guys. Forgive me if that is not the right term. I had a whole different 'term' for them that day. I was driving Chris's little red car, alone on this back country road when all of a sudden they appeared in front of me. I grabbed my camera (not even a blogger then, quite impressive, and thought I would show some pics to Chris. Suddenly, one of them goes 'nuts'. Then they started to attack the car. "Holy catfish" it was like a scene from ....oh you know! Anyway, I hit the gas and got the heck out of there before one of them broke their neck on the car or I ended up running one over, or they killed me. Here's a couple of lame shots.

Here's where I am thinking "Oh cool, turkeys. I'll photograph them." 
Here is where they start to attack the car.
Now the camera is on the floor and I am screaming.

 Since then, I can live without them.  

hugs, Deb  


  1. We have flocks of them pass through our property, if I hear gobbling/peeping coming from two directions, I head indoors ASAP. I do not want to get caught in the middle!
    Jane x

  2. My kitty, Smokey, is an indoor cat; however, he begs to go outside, so I do let him out with a harness and leash. One day when Smokey was out on his leash, I saw turkeys coming out of the woods. I thought Smokey would scare them away, but no, the turkeys started to surround Smokey. Yikes! I opened up the door and grabbed my Smokey, and the turkeys scattered.