Thursday, February 9, 2012

My bud, Buddy

I've been having a great time with Buddy these last few days. He has a Winston Churchill face and a BIG purr. He is wide with stocky shoulders and has a pencil thin tail.
He stands on his brush and comb while I am getting his breakfast ready and won't eat until he has been to the 'spa'. He's pure white (love) and so am I when I leave.  I have added a lint and hair brush to my cat-bag because of this guy. He's a shedding machine. It is so important that a guy like Bud is brushed regularly because of the amount of hair that he sheds. If not on the brush it will be in his stomach eventually.

I always leave a magazine on the floor when I leave. I think he understands that it means I will return soon. When I do return,  he is lying on it.
Again, he wants to be brushed. We bonded instantly when I first met Buddy and providing a 'grooming service' has only strengthened our friendship. At the end of each visit I place a few treats in the corner of the window-sill that he always sits in. When I return, they are gone. That's Buddy, one of my kitty-clients  and I love this guy.

"Please Dear God, have my mom and dad call Deb to take care of me while they are away. I need that extra love and attention because I am just a little kitty.  
Thank you." 

There must be many prayers going up because I am as busy as a cat with a jingly ball.

The sun is beautiful today. My shamrock is dancing in the light.
Just the sight of a new bloom gives you hope for Spring to be here soon.
Isn't it gorgeous? 
The shamrock plant is one of the best known symbols of Ireland. I'm a bit Irish.....yes, I am.
Here is something else keeping US busy this last little while.
The retired-guy's friend, John, is off again travelling so we are looking after Helma for awhile. Now, I ask you...isn't she gorgeous?

She lives on an acre lot and spends her day guarding it. She's a magnificent dog.

I hope I get some free time tonight after visiting with Max, Ebony, Buddy & Helma. There are a half dozen brown bananas staring me in the face that needs to magically turn into yummy banana bread. 
Now, what's on the menu for dinner tonight, Audrey?
  "Tuna catserole with catsip, of course."

hugs, Deb


  1. I enjoyed visiting you today. You have such a heartfelt blog. I've never been an animal lover, and I'm learning a lot from you. Mostly about you. You're way sweeter than I am. I loved the photo with your dear friend, and shed a tear too. Bless You Deb.

  2. My cats will find any article of my clothing to lie on when I am away from the house. There is something so sweet about them wanting to have something of mine with them. ~ Maureen

  3. Awww Deb, you are a sweetie looking after all these lovies, and you are so nice to them. You are an angel.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Julie and poppy Q

  4. Buddy is gorgeous! I know you are the best cat sitter in the world...cause you clients say so!! hugs, Linda

  5. Some of my cats HATE being groomed,they look insulted, others get wriggly, silly, and over excited.
    Jane x

  6. Buddy looks like a boy that would feel like heaven to cuddle. And the expression on his face! This is a cat that thinks! I love the way you leave the magazine for him and he totally understands what you mean by that. What a love.
    The real thing I want to know is where you get your energy but I guess I already know the answer: doing things you love.

  7. I love reading your entrys and love seeing the babys you look after..Buddy is gorgeous..I do wish I had you as my cat sitter so we could go on vacation..but you would travel quite a distance to get to me..have a wonderful weekend and give all the furries a love for me.;)

  8. I enjoyed reading that and I am sure our chocolate lab, Charlie, would pray for you to take care of him when we are away . You are such a loving soul . Thank you for your visit to my blog.
    Have a Happy Valentine's Day !

  9. Deb, You are an amazing person, full of love, and with a lot of energy too to have so many cats at home and then go out to love on all your temporary charges. Lucky kitties, all. I love your blog and the warmth it brings to my day when I read it. Today we put down our 21 (yes!) year old cat who was still managing but had little kidney function left. It was time. So emotional. She is buried, with flowers on her grave, and it is good to know she is not suffering or unhappy now. Bless you, Becky