Friday, February 24, 2012

cards, cats & wishful thinking

I love cards. I love giving them and I love receiving them.
Now, I am even making my own. But, once in awhile I come across a lovely card that reminds me of someone. This card makes me think of my mother-in-law, Mabel. She was the first 'bird lover' I ever met. She knew the names of most of our native birds and at Christmas she would have her tree over-flowing with beautiful, festive birds.
I know she will enjoy this card. 
I am off to cat-sit before the big snowstorm hits. Luckily, all the homes are in my town and not in the country.
Did you know that most of my kitty-client homes have 3 cats. That seems to be the magic number in these parts. I have a VERY BUSY weekend ahead with some of my regulars and a new cat to get to know. 
A Maine Coon, no less.
You'll meet him

Later, I will want some tea. Now who shall I invite over to share a cup of tea? How about these two dudes?
Mind you they won't look like this but they have aged gracefully.
hugs, Deb


  1. I had a Maine big baby boy Karl. I called him my Prince of Maine Coon...(from the phrase in the movie Cider House Rules)
    Jane x
    PS Count me in for tea!!

  2. I have 3 cats =) I was embarassed at first, to have so many. I'm desperately trying to avoid the "crazy cat lady" label =)
    But if three is the norm--phew =)
    Hope everyone weathers the big storm!! Stay cozy and warm.

  3. Once upon a time I would have like tea with Mickey Rourke but not now, sadly he hasn't aged at all well and being the fickle thing that I am, I've gone off him. lol
    Have a lovely weekend

  4. I think it's so awesome that you take care of cats. I started a pet sitting business a long time ago, but then chickened out. The thought of entering strangers homes, all alone, freaked me out. :p

    I LOVE your blog!


  5. I really enjoy your blog...& cats...and I wouldn't mind having tea with Mick, either! *LOL* I miss petsitting & being a vet tech, but will always do rescue as long as I am able!