Monday, February 6, 2012


We have a name, picked from a hat by the retired-guy, and you will receive some fun gifts for your cat/cats and a little something for you  from Mr. Ed.
Mr. Ed

Congratulations to a baker's dozen of fabulous kitties at Now I wish I had lots more toys to send you 13 fabulous cats but I am hoping that you share well. Mom Trish will have to snoopervise so they all get a turn.

Please send me your mailing address and this box of goodies will get on its' way. Thanks for participating and hope all you kitties have lots of fun with the slim-down toy. No guarantees on weight-loss but I know they'll have a good time trying. Mr. Ed says 'congrats' to you, Trish.

It is like Spring today. The cats are lounging (what's new?) and I am just back from cat-sitting while people travel. So nice to open their curtains and let the sun pour in for their stay-at-home kitties. I'm covered in white hair (you'll see why) and looking for my lint & cat-hair brush. Must add that to the cat-bag.

I wore rain-boots today to walk Kane. Imagine, the beginning of February and no need for winter boots. It was great to walk through puddles instead of trudging through snow and slush. I want Spring.
Annie and Audrey love to watch the squirrels in our back-yard either from the upstairs windows or the back of one of our couches.
They love each others' company. So sweet, they are.
Their fur looks so light in the sun. Annie's chin (acne) is clearing up nicely.

It's hard to stay awake when the sun warms your fur.
Sweet dreams, Annie
Lumina was adopted this weekend. I'll try to get the details on it. I'm so happy someone finally fell in love with her. I know how easy that is. ;-)
"have a wonderful life, Lumina."
                                                hugs, Deb


  1. Congrats to the 13 kitties! Hope they enjoy the toys. Love the pic of Annie sleeping in the sun!

  2. Trish deserved to win something after the awesome package of goodies she sent me!! :)

  3. WHEEEEEE!! Just looking at handsome Mr. Ed is winning in my book...will send you my snail mail addy ASAP! Thanks for having a contest!
    xx Trish

  4. Oh, the very best news that beautiful Lumina has found her forever home.
    Jane x

  5. Oh, am I praying about Lumina's adoption! I love there seniors so much! I pray this is a loving and safe adoption.
    One of the shelters here had a program for adopting senior cats to senior humans. The shelter would pay for vet care, the adopter, the food. However a lot of the senior cats were found to be in deplorable condition when brought in for their routine shots because they had been adopted out,unknowingly, to people with Alzheimers. An older daughter or son would bring in a sweet appearing granny or gramps saying the oldster needed a companion, never telling the shelter the individual had Alzheimers. Once adopted, the cats care would be turned over totally to the mentally impaired person! All sorts of terrible things I won't go into here.
    So I worry alot about senior kitties. Please let us know this was a really good adoption.

  6. Hooray for Lumina! And... I want to lay in a sunny window and watch squirrels, etc. too!

  7. Congratulations to the winner! That's wonderful news that Lumina has been adopted...what a relief I bet that is. Hope your week is a good one Deb!
    Maura :)

  8. ConCAtulations to all the 13 cat´s at Katnip Lounge !

  9. Congratulations to the kitties at Katnip lounge and I know they will love their prize. So pleased to hear that Lumina has been adopted and I so hope she will be happy in her new home.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. Congrats to Katnip Lounge and YEY for Lumina!!!!

  11. I like the photo of the cats profile. I am so happy for the kitties.

  12. Great news about Lumina finding a home. How could you not fall in love with that sweet face. Have a wonderful life in your new home Lumina!