Monday, May 31, 2021

Spring you seed...

 Hi everyone. We have had a busy spring and the gardens are in and the weather is fantastic. We could use some rain but have been enjoying the sun and high temperatures.

Here's what's happening at Fox Grove right now. I'm a bit obsessed with dahlias this year and have planted a row in the veggie garden to enjoy. They bring in the pollinators which will help grow the vegetables and add colour to the plot.

Our birdhouses are filling up with house wrens and phoebes. We have no swallows at the moment but hope they pick a house or two to raise their families soon.


Finally out of pots and into the ground.
The dahlias were grown from tubers and kept in the potting shed for six weeks or so.
Now the fun begins. 

Beautiful Cora


Planning a mischievous day.

The 125 year old outhouse
(moved three times since in use) lol

There is still lots to do before the heat hits. We are building a small water feature in the garden and planning to add blueberry bushes along our fence-line.
And, of course, there's always grass to reseed.
It's hard to find time for the house right now but living in Ontario only means "blink and the weather changes" so we will carry on outside as long as we can.

Cora is doing very well now after a year of fighting allergies.
The photos I am showing you were taken this last week. She is back to her old self and I am so thankful to my vet and her care.
Wilson is over-the-moon having her companionship again.
He truly loves her as do we.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday with family and friends today in the United States.
It's so good to see covid rules loosening up now.

Have a lovely day everyone.
be kind, Deb