Tuesday, March 27, 2018

As Easter draws near

I want to say our snow is over with but I know better. Here in Ontario it's nothing to get a big storm in April so we will just stay quiet, cross our fingers and hope we have seen the tail end of it.

It's been cold but sunny this last week and we still have a pile of snow to get rid of before Easter. Last year we started the Easter Egg Hunt in the Wood-lot tradition and it was a beautiful, sunny, warm day then. This year might be a wee bit different. I have visions of poor old Peter Rabbit hopping around with his collar pulled up around his neck, unlaced snow-boots just a flyin' leaving his tracks behind for the kids to follow. He'll probably wear a toque and woolly mittens. And hiding all those eggs in the snow might be tricky. "Good luck, Peter."

But no matter what we will have fun. :) There are five grandittles just waiting to start the hunt.

There's lots of baking going on at the mouse-house.

Cupcakes are on the to-do list. They'll be fun to decorate. 

The girls are waiting on the sun-puddles.

What's happening at the feeders?
The birds are busy gathering nesting materials and making decisions just where to place it. I hope we have all seven of our houses filled with babies this spring. Wow...that would be fabulous!
Our red-winged blackbirds have returned along with the robins. Downies, Mourning Doves and Chickadees are plentiful. The bluejays and crows are flying over our house regularly with filled beaks and our Pileated Woodpecker is a regular here now. 

I'm filling feeders at the wood-lot and staying out of their way so they can feel safe here. We have some very shy birds here. :)

You can see how much snow we still have. Today they call for rain and that's exactly what we need to get rid of it.  

I hope your Easter preparations are going well. 

Be kind,

Thursday, March 15, 2018

SNOW - add it to the four letter words around here.

Annie thinks..."UGH! more snow."

We've had more than our share this winter. It just keeps coming.

Oh well, we just shovel it and go have a party.
These two sweeties celebrated birthdays on the weekend.
Our son, John (34) and grandittle G (2).
We all had a great time.

Two cuties.

There is no way to make plumbing look pretty but I think it's beautiful. :)
This is the loft bathroom at the top of the stairs.

I'll get in tomorrow and take a few pics on the main floor.

The snow has kept the roofers away until this week.
We finally have the steel going on. :)
That's the kitchen window to the right. It will face the garden. Bathroom windows both main floor and loft.

We had another dumping of snow on day two of the roof going on so this ended up taking over a week to finish. My photo taking is sporadic to say the least but I'll show you a photo of it completed from the front next post.

Are you having fun preparing for Easter? We need lots of sun to melt away our winter. I think the Easter Bunny would much rather hide eggs in the grass than in the snow.
 Four more days 'til spring. :)

Audrey says "Howdy."
She's just waiting for a moth to fly in. Doofus.

'Til next time...
hugs, Deb