Thursday, March 15, 2018

SNOW - add it to the four letter words around here.

Annie thinks..."UGH! more snow."

We've had more than our share this winter. It just keeps coming.

Oh well, we just shovel it and go have a party.
These two sweeties celebrated birthdays on the weekend.
Our son, John (34) and grandittle G (2).
We all had a great time.

Two cuties.

There is no way to make plumbing look pretty but I think it's beautiful. :)
This is the loft bathroom at the top of the stairs.

I'll get in tomorrow and take a few pics on the main floor.

The snow has kept the roofers away until this week.
We finally have the steel going on. :)
That's the kitchen window to the right. It will face the garden. Bathroom windows both main floor and loft.

We had another dumping of snow on day two of the roof going on so this ended up taking over a week to finish. My photo taking is sporadic to say the least but I'll show you a photo of it completed from the front next post.

Are you having fun preparing for Easter? We need lots of sun to melt away our winter. I think the Easter Bunny would much rather hide eggs in the grass than in the snow.
 Four more days 'til spring. :)

Audrey says "Howdy."
She's just waiting for a moth to fly in. Doofus.

'Til next time...
hugs, Deb


  1. Your house is shaping up! I am excited for you! I think we are all tired of winter and ready for Spring. How is Audrey doing? Both Annie and Audrey look as beautiful as ever.

  2. "Howdy Audrey!x How ya do'in..look'in gooood"
    HeHe! Bless! And Annie!x always looks lovely
    and settled...Bless!x

    We've had quite a bit of snow over here, mostly up the
    north, loss of gas, electric, even water...warmer the
    last few days, though more snow at the weekend...!
    So much for our Spring..! :(.

    Oh! I had some bumf from a animal charity l support,
    and in it was info about the seal hunt, over there
    in there was a post card, addressed to..
    The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, House of Commons,
    Ottawa..type of protest to stop the mass commercial
    slaughter of seals...I put a stamp on it, which cost
    £1.17..($2) and sent it off...! Why on earth can't
    people leave the wild life alone...issue on early
    Breakfast TV about Ivory..."Nuff Said".

  3. Nice to hear from you!! It is getting colder here, so the warm weather is trying to head north and warm up your place. Your new home is looking sweet!!

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. Both your fur girls are looking quite well (yeah) as do your birthday people. I agree winter has gone on too long & I long for snow free days, no howling wind & enough warmth to sit on the patio. Smart idea to take photos of the plumbing & such, should there ever be problems you can refer to the photos.

  5. We are forcast more snow this weekend, just hopeing that it bypasses us. Those cakes look scrummy.

  6. We just received another snowfall, too: heavy, wet spring snow. Sigh.

    The house looks like it's coming along. The roof trusses remind me of a medieval building's roof. It must be satisfying watching your future home go up - but I'll bet you're impatient to live there now.

  7. Oh my, more snow!!!!!!!!! We don't have that, but our night time temps will be going down again.

    Happy Birthday to the 2 Birthday 'babies'!!!!! :-)

    Sorry your roof was held up. Oh yes, do take more photos! :-)

  8. The house is looking like it's coming along well.

    I wonder if we've had more snow in March than we did in February.

    Annie and Audrey are looking as formidable as ever!

  9. Always happy to see progress on your house! This has been a hard winter for you Northern folks for sure. Too much snow! Hugs to Annie and Audrey and you!!

  10. Hi Deb . Looks like the house is getting on its way nicely. Oh snow not a nice word here now either lol. We have had only dustings of it now but that's still to much lol !The air is still cold as are the winds yes come on spring . Happy Birthday to your son and grand-little . The weekend is to be sunny all weekend and temps are to be mild looking forward to that need more sunshine that's for sure . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend and a Happy St Patrick's day !

  11. Annie and Audrey have such beautiful green eyes. The trials of finishing a house become rather tedious, but perhaps we appreciate the completed home all the more for enduring the delays. Spring is slow this year, even in south-central Kentucky.

  12. I'm so sorry you have all that snow. Boo. I hope things DO clear for Easter. Oh Audrey! She is a rascal!
    The house is looking adorable!

  13. I can imagine the words have been flying as fast as the snowflakes. It's a grim winter for so many this year. But this house is looking terrific and so is Audrey the Doofus! And I love your sweet Easter look. And that cake? Stunning!

  14. Two cuties is right!! Happy Birthday to them both. Your title made me laugh. Isn't it the truth! We live in NC for goodness sake and the darn weatherman is talking about snow again for us. But I know it's nothing compared to what you've had there. Surely spring will get here. It always does. Your house is going to be BEAUTIFUL!! I am so happy for you! Please tell Audrey Howdy for me, and pretty miss Annie too.

  15. Belated Happy birthday!!
    And the house - it grows up everytime you share the photos! It looks amazing!

    I'm looking forward for the Spring! I miss it so much! We had one Easter few years ago, that there was a lot of snow outside... We were sleighing on the huge hill in the park. But I hope this time we'll have at least 5 Celsius degrees outside.

    I just returned from Taiwan to Poland and I experienced a thermal shock haha!
    I had around 25-30 Celsius degrees there and now there is around -9 C and it's snowing...

  16. SO good to see a post and some pics of your house progress! The kitties are lookin' good too. Nebraska ><>

  17. It seems like you have had constant snow this winter. Love seeing your house progress. Of course, all cat photos are wonderful! I made Deb's Pumpkin Muffins again this morning. I have been using your recipe for several years and it is my absolute favorite muffin recipe. The taste is fantastic, they freeze well and I love that the batter has enough texture for me to spoon it into the muffin liners without the batter dripping. Thank you so much for the recipes and photos that you share! Hope spring weather reaches you soon!

  18. Real progress at the house! So glad that Audrey is feeling better!

  19. Audrey is the sweetest dofus of all =) Love that photo of her. Your home is coming along beautifully.
    I think plumbing is awesome! My grandparents had chamber pots and an outhouse (tiny fishing village). I learned to appreciate it!
    Happy b-day to everyone. Lovely cakes.

  20. I love Audrey I'm sure she's a my soul mate/ blessing to you, and your family and all your lovely furbabies. Blessings