Friday, December 28, 2018

Snippets of Christmas.

In the blink of an eye it was over.
And the cats are moving even less these days after regular meals plus a smidgen of turkey in between. How can they be so lazy? :-b

We enjoyed all five of the grands over Christmas. The excitement of new toys and normally forbidden treats had them spinning. And the meals that my son-in-law and son and daughter-in-law cooked were superb. We were very spoiled this year. And any time spent with my kids is gold.
                                                My girls

Brunch at my son's home

                                             Our five grands.

The days following boxing day were quiet and a time for me to put much of Christmas back in the boxes. When you live in a small space you can only look at it for so long and then you crave quiet spaces again. The tree will stay up for awhile or until Wilson destroys it.
Although right now he's not doing much of anything.

We have had snow, rain, freezing rain and up and down temperatures for days now. It is just so typical for a Canadian Christmas.
Today it is mild with rain falling. The ice is treacherous and best to be avoided.

My critters have been well cared for over the holidays and even received a gift from a friend to enjoy. Thank you Susan from Tales from the Raspberry Patch.
The wreath was a big hit and to make sure they get to enjoy it for awhile I bring it in at night and away from the bandit hands of our resident raccoons. They would easily remove it from the branch and high-tail it to the wood-lot.

Cat-sitting was fun over the Christmas holidays. I will show you some of my charges in my next post because this one is long enough and I don't want to bore you. =^..^= (is that possible my cat-loving friends?)

I have a special blogging friend to send a "thank-you" to this Christmas. Henny from Henny Penny Lane gifted me a beautiful hand-made clothespin doll; the sweetest thing ever.
She is so pretty with long brunette hair and a gorgeous pilgrim dress made only more beautiful with a bird apron and bonnet. Henny makes the body in the shape of a  wooden clothespin. Imagine! 
She also sent me a sweet bag holder that I will photograph next time. It is so pretty for a pantry. All hand made by Henny. She is so talented. She seems to be able to turn a hand to anything if you read her fun blog. Do pop over and meet her and Poppy. My linky thing isn't working but you can find her at Henny Penny Lane.
I will treasure this, Henny and she will live in my new kitchen soon.

It is dark today so the photo is dull but I will soon have a bright picture to share.

                                                            She's as cute as a button.

I hope you enjoyed Christmas. I'm wishing 2019 to be the best year yet for all of us.

be kind, Deb

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas

                           "Merry Christmas" 
                                    from our home to yours.

The stockings are hung and the eggnog is ready.
'Breath of Heaven' (Mary's song) plays in the background.

We will have a white Christmas, as the snow is falling ever so softly as I type this; maybe even the 'Winter Wonderland' we are used to.

Annie & Wilson wait impatiently for their cat-nip-filled little red mice and a chance to snag a bit of turkey. They have been good little kitties for the most part. :-) Santa will be good to them.

We will celebrate both Christmas and Boxing Day with family. 
I see a lot of fun and food in the next few days. lol

We wish you a very Happy Christmas with family and friends
and hope Santa is good to everyone. 

Enjoy and God bless you all, 
Deb, Gary,
 Annie, Wilson & Simon. (waving from his underground den)

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The week before Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. a whirlwind, really.

                                         My critter tree 
                             complete with an out-house. lol
                     The book is titled How To Avoid Hunters.

The week before Christmas is my favorite time with friends gathering, scrumptious dinner parties and the last of the mad rush. I love it all.

I've been warning this guy that 'good enough' might not cut it with Santa so he's really trying to behave for the big guy. A catnip mouse has been requested along with his freeze-dried chicken pieces. I hope he gets it. lol Why? Because my little tree is still standing. Bless his little heart.
                                   "I've been good....I think"

My birds have been treated with Christmas cheer at the feeders. This sugar pine-cone made the perfect addition to their feeding station as it holds peanut butter, seeds and large shelled nuts for those that like to eat on the fly.

Some of our family returns from Disney World on Friday just in time to prepare for Christmas. Lucky us that they will drop in on their way home for a pizza dinner so we can hear all about the trip. :)

 The cheater bath looking through the walk-in closet through to the bedroom.
Today the mudding is completed and the scaffolding comes down for now. 

I hope everyone is allllllmost ready if not done. It's good to take a bit of time-out before Christmas (even a few hours) to relax and take in all the beauty of the season.
I so look forward to having all the family together; especially those five little grandittles.  

Clawdia and Picatso have just left to buy Christmas bags. Wrapping gifts without thumbs is very tedious. :-[

Enjoy the next few days but take some time out for you, too.

be kind

Friday, December 14, 2018

Days are busy and fun.

Here we are the 14th of December. How on earth is time going so fast.
The weather had calmed down and most of our snow was gone, then two days of non-stop snow-fall and now rain.
I'm grateful that I can still get back to the woodlot to feed the critters and check on things. I love to identify the tracks you find there daily. There is a little critter using the insulated box I set up in the old OH.  I think it's a squirrel and hope it is cozy and warm.
Soon the woodlot gang will have to join the birds and critters at the front if they want to be fed as the snow will be too high to walk there.
It happens every year.

Days are busy with Christmas preparations and shopping. I've made time to see all the grands and do some shopping and lunch with the older ones. We even took the grand-dog for an outing.
                                Lab/Bernese Mountain Dog

Christmas cards are done, parcels mailed (although with our recent postal strike we are told not to expect any miracles); what? miracles? Isn't this Christmas? The gifts are wrapped. Now I just want to relax for a bit, drink hot chocolate and watch good movies. :-)
And I want to see some good friends.

Construction update...You've heard the saying "slow as molasses..."

As you enter from the breeze-way...

looking from the loft down to the open-concept area.

walk-in closet
in main bedroom that leads to a cheater bath.

Isn't scaffolding beautiful.  blah!:-b
looking up to the office

The area not dry-walled will be covered in pine board.
We have found a supplier finally.

I will show you the front rooms and loft next time.

Here is a typical weekend at Fox Grove.
You would think we are quite the entertainers
when really it is just the workers
doing their magic.

There is lots left to do as we only have help on the weekends
but that's ok because the retired-guy works on it through the week and every week we see things moving forward. Now that the dry-wall is on colours of paint dance around in my head.  

All work will come to a halt soon as Christmas festivities begin but the new year is not far off and I'll keep my mind on that. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the count-down to Christmas.  Annie and Wilson say "Howdy"
They are like a jigsaw puzzle.

The nights are cold, and if you can, please feed the birds in your area. Without our help how do they survive? I have read that many don't. Here is a very good way to get seed to them if you do not have a feeder. ;-)
All you need is a stale bagel, organic peanut butter, birdseed and a piece of rope. Just replace the pb and seeds as needed.
Also a heated birdbath is a great help for birds over the winter months. 

Have a peaceful evening everyone. I'll be back with more Christmas/house photos.

be kind,