Friday, December 14, 2018

Days are busy and fun.

Here we are the 14th of December. How on earth is time going so fast.
The weather had calmed down and most of our snow was gone, then two days of non-stop snow-fall and now rain.
I'm grateful that I can still get back to the woodlot to feed the critters and check on things. I love to identify the tracks you find there daily. There is a little critter using the insulated box I set up in the old OH.  I think it's a squirrel and hope it is cozy and warm.
Soon the woodlot gang will have to join the birds and critters at the front if they want to be fed as the snow will be too high to walk there.
It happens every year.

Days are busy with Christmas preparations and shopping. I've made time to see all the grands and do some shopping and lunch with the older ones. We even took the grand-dog for an outing.
                                Lab/Bernese Mountain Dog

Christmas cards are done, parcels mailed (although with our recent postal strike we are told not to expect any miracles); what? miracles? Isn't this Christmas? The gifts are wrapped. Now I just want to relax for a bit, drink hot chocolate and watch good movies. :-)
And I want to see some good friends.

Construction update...You've heard the saying "slow as molasses..."

As you enter from the breeze-way...

looking from the loft down to the open-concept area.

walk-in closet
in main bedroom that leads to a cheater bath.

Isn't scaffolding beautiful.  blah!:-b
looking up to the office

The area not dry-walled will be covered in pine board.
We have found a supplier finally.

I will show you the front rooms and loft next time.

Here is a typical weekend at Fox Grove.
You would think we are quite the entertainers
when really it is just the workers
doing their magic.

There is lots left to do as we only have help on the weekends
but that's ok because the retired-guy works on it through the week and every week we see things moving forward. Now that the dry-wall is on colours of paint dance around in my head.  

All work will come to a halt soon as Christmas festivities begin but the new year is not far off and I'll keep my mind on that. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the count-down to Christmas.  Annie and Wilson say "Howdy"
They are like a jigsaw puzzle.

The nights are cold, and if you can, please feed the birds in your area. Without our help how do they survive? I have read that many don't. Here is a very good way to get seed to them if you do not have a feeder. ;-)
All you need is a stale bagel, organic peanut butter, birdseed and a piece of rope. Just replace the pb and seeds as needed.
Also a heated birdbath is a great help for birds over the winter months. 

Have a peaceful evening everyone. I'll be back with more Christmas/house photos.

be kind,


  1. Your new home is forming its shape and looks lovely and cosy. You must be looking forward to its completion.

    I hope you have some time to sit back and relax during the festive season.

    pats to your furry buddies.

    Julie and Poppyq

  2. Wilson and Annie are quite a pair. And Forrest deserves a head scratch!

  3. Your home is coming along and is already lovely :)
    Hot chocolate and Christmas movies sound wonderful! I hope Wilson and Annie do a bit of Christmas cuddling, too!

  4. Love, love, loved this post! So great to see the construction update. I remember those days when we built, and they do seem to move not at all. We're having Spring-like weather so most of our snow is gone--just lots of mud now. Can't complain though....I hate the cold. We feed the birds & squirrels and have a heated birdbath too.
    Nebraska ><>

  5. What a treat to see the progress on your house! It looks great! It sounds like you've been busy if you've got your shopping and wrapping all done! I'm not done wrapping but working on it. I know all the birds and wild things around you are well cared for and happy to have you there. We feed our birds and all the squirrels seem to do well for themselves here too. I always enjoy seeing pictures of Annie and Wilson. It sure looks like they are keeping each other warm during their naps! Thanks for sharing pictures of the house and enjoy this last week before Christmas!

  6. Beautiful Annie, Wilson and Forrest!
    Wow, to your beautiful home-to-be! This is all getting very exciting, it is going to be a spectacular and very comfortable home. When we renovated our place, I found this part to be the sorest trial of my patience, but you will get there!
    Enjoy the festive season.x

  7. A post from you at Fox Grove!!! It makes me happy to see a post from you. Forrest is such a handsome dog! That is a good picture of you and Forrest. It may be slow as molasses, but oh my gosh, it is going to be a beautiful home! All balled up like that, I don't know how Wilson and Annie can say howdy. They are so funny! I love the idea of using a stale bagel for the birds. Thankfully, just before our big snowfall I had bought a 40 pound bag of sunflower seeds. After filling the feeders I put a big flattened cardboard box on the ground and sprinkled bird seed over it. Our snow never last more than a day or two, but we have had constant rain since the snow storm. :( You deserve to relax and enjoy hot chocolate. I haven't even bought the cards yet. Merry Christmas!!

  8. Nice to see all the progress :)
    We really like the kitty pile too.
    Lots of critters here for the feed and they are fun to watch.
    Have a great week :)
    Nancy and the kitties

  9. I'll get some more birdseed tomorrow. I may have to go to a different store to get suet.

  10. The pace of construction may be slow, but if it's to be done right, you can't hurry things. It'll be marvellous when completed.

    It deoes look cold there, and the perfect time to be indoors looking out. Annie and Wilson have the right ideas.

  11. wow your new home is looking great so far but geez it is taking awhile to build, i guess that is because you have snow there & need certain requirements in the building? here our homes are built in less than a month these days, the basic ones, 3 bedroom & one bathroom (on a cement slab) ones at least, single story that is too.
    can't wait to see more of the little house/cottage
    wilson & annie are adorable! snug as a bug!
    may you & the retired guy have a great christmas & a happy new year
    thanx for sharing

  12. I know that blogging is very time consuming, so thank you for another post. I do so look forward to seeing all that is happening in your world. Wilson is such a grand addition to your household, and a blessing to Annie. Rebecca2

  13. Oh your home is coming along. More happy times ahead! Always a joy to see you post. Hugs and Merry Christmas.

  14. We use pinecones and Marvel Meal a recipe from the Audubon Society... one cup of peanut butter.. one cup of vegetable shortening one cup white flour NOT self rising and 3 cups of cornmeal NOT self rising.. birds and squirrels LOVE it! Hugs! deb

  15. Looks like a lot of progress on your house to me! Annie and Wilson are so sweet.

  16. The bagel is a great idea. I have a bird feeder but that would be good for other areas that I can't really use a feeder. I love the photo of the exterior showing how it will all come together. And the interior -- Wow! What an accomplishment this will be for you all! And of course loved seeing the feline family members too. Such a welcome sight, any post from you! Keep cozy and Merriest to you!

  17. Love your scarf...and the mouse house is looking grand!!
    Merry Christmas Deb...and to your beautiful family...

    Linda 💚

  18. The weather is changing dynamically also here. The Autumn has gone and now we've snowy days. Luckily there is not a lot of snow - just a little bit. But it's cold outside anyway.
    I think I like winter views when I'm sitting in the warm place. It was amazing to drive through the Slovenia in snow. And we were in the warm car all this time. well, I mean views were amazing. Driving in such a slippery roads was quite difficult.

    Oh what a progress with the house!
    I haven't been here for a while and a lot is happening to you! :)