Thursday, June 18, 2020

A little update...

It's daisy time here at Fox Grove.
Never have I thought of them as a weed, though.
They are my favorite June flower.
My mom loved them, too and called them the 'happy flower'.

We have been very lucky here this spring 
with nesting birds. Tree swallows, wrens and phoebes have 
all raised their young on our property inside the houses.
And the phoebe shown below sitting
on our milkweed is on her second batch.
(or is it clutch?)
Isn't she a sweetheart

I had a birthday this month and decided it was high-time I bought myself a garden shed.
I bought it big enough to be a garden/potting shed that will hold a small sink.
I can't wait to get the shelves up and start decorating but right now it is being stained
and the door is yet to go on.
Maybe another day or two.
I'm like a kid at Christmas. :-)

I love the shadows from our sumacs.

Do you remember my neighbour, David?
He is always waiting for me in the woodlot to rub his belly
and tell him to be careful and stay out of trouble.

The little chip under our old pump is named Ernie
and he is becoming quite a character.

He is much like our old Simon who lived here for four years.
And most probably an off-spring. How I loved Simon.
He is a bit of glutton that Ernie and 
believes that you should eat whenever the opportunity presents itself.
That's him inside the bird feeder.

I hope everyone is well. We have had a warm and sunny June and expect a few more days of high temps before the rain comes.
We do need rain, though. It's very dry here.

The cats are well although we are still struggling a bit with Cora's skin issues.
She has been to the vet and is now on a new food in case she has an allergy to something in her diet. And Wilson waits patiently for her to want to play again as he misses her game of running the stairs in the evening. We hope she is back to her old self soon.

I'll be back to show you around Fox Grove again soon.
Be well,