Friday, May 31, 2013

See ya, May

It's hot today.
The cats are finding their spots and staying put.
Ed, being a desert cat, wanted to stretch out on the deck with the sun on  his back.

Sierra kept him company but from a higher level.

Annie found her spot in the air-conditioned kitchen
and Lily opted for staying in her basket with or without her man.

I wandered around trying to locate 'the little one' who is not so little anymore and soon found her choice spot. She likes to burrow under things and an old blanket left on the floor heading for the washer was the 'cat's meow'.
                         DO NOT DISTURB

Saying 'good-bye' to May is never easy when you love the Spring.

"See ya, May.  Hello, June"

hugs, Deb

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Randomness and a summer look

I had a visitor last night where I place food for a few feral cats. No, not someone chasing me out of there yelling "and stop feeding stray cats" but a calm, quiet little visitor who caught my attention while she watched me with interest. Look to the right of the photo.
 Every-time I see a deer up close it is like the first time all over again.
Their beauty and their stillness makes everything else fade away for a moment. She only took flight once I started moving around more.

I'm out of freeze-dried chicken treats today and Audrey is fading by the minute. I'm not sure I will have time to shop so please keep her in your thoughts.

                                                    "Help me someone..I'm so weak"

Yep, I'm still in the cupboard...
My cupboard is back to its' summer look. I love blue and white dishes and plan to add to my collection. 
This look I can live with for a long time.

Something is missing...
My Spirea bush provided me with beautiful flowers.
That's better.

I've been having trouble writing posts lately. But now, the wireless keyboard seems to word again - must have been  all that cat hair stuck between the keys!

Thanks to a chubby one named Annie who now holds the title of  'office cat.'

I'm joining Feathered Nest Friday at & Anything Blue at
hugs, Deb

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cupboards of days gone by

It's raining today and I'm changing up the cupboard again.

My grandmother had two kitchens; one for summer and a small one for the winter months.
The summer kitchen was large, had a floor to ceiling cupboard, a small ice box, a wood-stove and a kitchen table and chairs. Two windows looked out to her tall flowers, holly-hocks being one that I remember and geraniums. Another window, over a small table where we washed the dishes, looked out to the road.
The winter kitchen had a wood-stove, kitchen table and chairs, the ice-box was brought in for the cold weather and over next to the stairs to the second floor was an antique dresser/cupboard with a mirror.
It was that cupboard that I remember the most along with the floor to ceiling one in the summer kitchen. It was full of kitchen things and nothing matched. It held every colour of the rainbow. This is where you found the china, glasses, tea-cups, cutlery, paper and pencils and best of all, the candy.
What grandchild doesn't know where the candy is kept?
                                There were cookie jars, cookie tins and biscuit barrels to fill.

But I do remember, as young as I was, that I was fascinated with her dishes. Nothing was fancy but she had pretty tea-cups and saucers of every shape and colour and we were allowed to have our tea and coffee in them. Yes, we drank tea and coffee at a very young age. I believe I was 7 when I would have coffee or tea around the wood-stove. That would be so wrong these days but most of my tea drinking was done when my mom was at home and I was at my grandmother's farm. She knew it wouldn't kill me...I'd live to tell the tale.

Every time I fiddle around with my step-back cupboard I think about her cupboards and how all the grand-daughters had their favorite cups and saucers and loved to grab a cookie from the cookie tin, lined with waxed paper, that was kept full and high up on one of its' shelves.
They were either hermits or chocolate chip and they were amazing.

My grandmother would love my cupboard and she'd understand why I like to play in it. Today it's decorated with a little bit of everything with her in mind.  There were usually lilacs sitting somewhere in the kitchen, too; most likely in a drinking glass and not a beer bottle like I am displaying. I just love this bottle.

She always had her china placed in a way that was easy for us to reach and I know she had a favorite tea-cup, herself. I remember it had dark pink flowers on it. How I would love to hold that tea-cup today.

Good memories are what gives us roots and fills us with strength when we need it.

                                                                  "Right,  Annie?"

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hugs, Deb

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cats in windows

My daughter's cat, Ruby, gave me a 'cat in window' photo for you today.

"Thanks, Ruby-doo"

And Kane and I went on a long walk early today and captured a few more for you.
Did I ever mention it is not easy to photograph something with one hand while you hold on to a dog's leash?
It's fine for Kane to stop 50 times in a walk to sniff, check out stuff or pee but no patience shown when I want to stop just for that perfect moment.
I think we counted (yes, my dog can count :) 10 cats this morning lying about on lawns, sidewalks or in windows.

Such a darling...
"Hello gorgeous"

and this brave one wanted to meet Kane.
It was a cool, sunny morning.
Just Purrfect!

And to top it off, my youngest treated me to a pedicure today.
No photos because personally I'm not into feet.
But, must say, mine look and feel great right now. :)

hugs, Deb

Monday, May 27, 2013

Stop and smell the lilacs.

While the retired-guy cut the grass, I stopped to smell the flowers.
There were three healthy bushes of lilacs; one a soft purple, a deep purple and a white.
The soft purple is at the gate to the property.
The darker purple and the white lilacs are along the front fence.
I just love these bushes.

And what a surprise to come across deer tracks next to the new well location.

Fresh deer tracks. I never imagined deer on this property as there is a house next door and a farm on the other side. I don't remember ever seeing a deer wandering around here; even as a child. I suppose they came from the back forty and like myself, decided to stay awhile.

It was perfect weather for working outside today.
We cleared a path to the back along the stone fence and dragged out some small dead trees. There were also dead vines, oddly located saplings and rocks to move.

The old tractor worked like a charm. The retired-guy made mention that he was six years older than the tractor but had much fewer lines on his face. Ha!

You could tell he was getting bored by this time.

That's better. Now I can see where the ground hog holes are.

And what did you do all morning while I was gone, Audrey?

"You were gone?"

hugs, Deb

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A quiet Sunday? Nope!

It's Sunday morning and fresh lilacs have the house smelling heavenly.

They are competing with the just-baked banana bread, banana chocolate chip muffins and the cookies that are cooling in the kitchen.
I'm supposed to be Spring cleaning and instead the desire to bake took over.
Oh well, now there is something to go with tea breaks when I actually do get at it.
I knew there was a reason.

Come along...

I figured you would like to see some of my kitty-clients from this weekend.
It's been busy and I have loved every minute of it.  

Champions of dancing the figure 8
M'ladies Didi & Emi
Emma is diabetic and she is the poster cat for anyone who cares for her.
As long as she has a few treats to focus on during her injection, she doesn't even flinch. She sits on a towel, starts to munch away on her treats and then I do the pokey-poke. Along where my finger is is the area where the insulin is injected. I alternate right and left side.

Jenny is ancient (much like our old Ed) and has just had a hair cut.
She thought she looked like a rock star and wanted to parade herself around the garden area. She wanted OUT! (in her fenced yard, of course) but the instructions are for her to stay in. I explained all this to her but she wanted nothing to do with it. I stood my ground. Then, I was dead to her.

Willow demonstrated some of her yoga moves and eventually fell off the chair.

and sweet Parker
I just want to hug him constantly.
We play ball on the stairs.
He goes nuts!

So, as you can see I was busy.
This loaf of, 'the best banana bread ever',  seriously, that's what its' called,  is getting wrapped up and delivered to my oldest. She is six months pregnant, a busy teacher, many errands to run and NO TIME TO BAKE.
That's where mom comes in.
We are off to the property to cut the grass and clear some brush.
(Guess why I bought these paper napkins?)

Now, I'd love for you to pop over to visit Christina who has designed very cleverly a royal bed for her kitty, Chloe. This is a real treat, you'll enjoy it.

hugs, Deb

Saturday, May 25, 2013

leave be

She's been there for 5 hours.

But, it's been so quiet this evening with no interruptions that I have not even checked on her yet.
I did see the foot move awhile ago so I expect all is ok.

Back to my movie. :)

hugs, Deb (+Audrey)

Beauties and Broccoli

The pace has picked up again and I am busy with lots of cats including a diabetic little lady. Her name is Emma and I love her. You'll meet her soon.

I have tabbies, greys, a calico and a tuxedo. All gorgeous and cherished family members. It feels good to see cats cared for and loved so much.

Just a peak at one of the beauties of this weekend.

The rain is behind us now and we are in for a nice weekend weather-wise.. house needs attention so I'll be working inside more than out. But, before I actually clean I always play a bit with my step-back cupboard. Are you starting to think this cupboard just might be the most precious 'object' I own? You may be right. Remember, it took me three days of driving all over this area, from town to town, to find the exact cupboard I wanted. I pictured it in my mind, and low and behold, I found it in Kemptville, Ontario at an antique shop called Country Side Antiques. I will be going back this summer because it was one of the best antique shops around. It had barns full of beautiful pieces and nicely arranged so you could actually see everything. A wing of the farm house was also made into a shop which is where my cupboard was sitting. I will always remember the feeling when I first saw it. "Well, hello gorgeous. You are coming home with me." 

Broccoli provides you with a good source of daily protein along with many vitamins, fibre and nutrients.
And no fat.

Read this...

You can easily turn broccoli into a dish that delivers complete protein by pairing it with whole grains such as brown rice, barley and quinoa. Steam or stir-fry broccoli and add roasted walnuts, pecans or sunflower seeds for a side dish that also has all the amino acids. Of course, cheese is a complete protein, so topping broccoli with low-fat cheese automatically boosts its protein power. Another option for turning broccoli into a quality protein is to roast it with potatoes and carrots.

That broccoli is something else, right.
There's your food lesson for the day.
hugs, Deb

Friday, May 24, 2013


I remember these flowers from my youth. My grandmother had some growing at the side of her little clap-board farm house. I wish I had a photo of her gardens. These are all from the internet.
I remember them being much taller than any of the kids that would be playing around outside.
Their beauty framed the old windows to the kitchen
I do believe they were one of my grandmother's favorite flowers.
Aren't they gorgeous!
I guess most people planted them around windows so they could be enjoyed inside and out.
I loved the black hollyhock.
With their gold centers I found them absolutely captivating.

Bees and wasps were familiar visitors to her gardens. She loved her flowers.

It's pouring here today. After cat-sitting,  I am off to look at kitchen cupboard designs. Onwards and upwards.
                                                   "Oh Audrey, for crying out loud."

hugs, Deb