Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I do my best

I'm always thankful that cats do not carry dinner bells. I feel the rush enough just from the prancing and dancing and screaming that goes on in client's kitchens when I arrive to serve the meal.
I'm not late, by the way. They are awake (imagine that) and they are hungry.

"Nope, that doesn't make me go any faster."
                                                               check out the paws

It's been a long day without their family home and let's face it, it's kind of boring for most cats, once they are done their tenth nap of the day, so they want dinner....NOW!

I do my best.

"Hello, m'ladies"
"And how has your day been?"

=^..^= =^..^= "Spare us the dialogue and get the cans open."

Walking down the hall with cats doing figure-eights between your legs is no easy feat. But, after eighteen years in this business, you know what works. Sometimes it's a bit of a shuffle or maybe it resembles a drunken sailor heading home. But, I get the food where it's going and then all is well in the cat world.

"Thanks for dinner, cat-sitter"

hugs, Deb


  1. I think people with cats would make excellent Irish dancers!
    Jane x

  2. Our Harley sprawls out on the floor right in front of me and turns upside down and does the cute look when she wants dinner . The look on her face is pathetic as she seems to be saying look at me aren't I cute now feed me lady lol ! Our dog Miggs well she just barks at us lol ! Cute photos ! Have a good day !

  3. They are cuties!

    "Chop chop, human! Give us some of the fancy stuff, with caviar on the side. And the plate should be warmed. With a serviette. Cloth, not paper."

  4. Cute pics. Those figure 8's around the legs make me even clumsier than usual!!!!! I have 6 kitties now plus a dachshund - seems like they are always ready to be fed.

  5. Poor neglected furry ones =)
    Or so they would have us think.
    So cute!

  6. I do that shuffle each morning before coffee!! they think they rule me (and they sorta do).

  7. And you do it with such obvious love and affection. Lucky, lucky kitties!

  8. Dinner bells - that is a scary thought! I love the crossed paws photograph.

  9. How fun! It's always so interesting with cats coming to their dinner...who's first in line, who is polite and waits for the others...who is vocal and who gives gentle love nudges before we fill their bowls...absolutely love the photos....thank you Deb!

  10. During the Wyoming years when I worked afternoons at the quilt shop, our cats knew the sound of my truck pulling into the garage. When I opened the back entry door, there they were--lined up and clamouring for their 'tea!'

  11. Nice pictures and our task is to match up the cats * smile *. We must be happy.


  12. I love the crossed paws, and that last photo is adorable!

  13. Too funny!!
    Those kitties are so lucky to have you looking after them.
    xo C