Thursday, May 9, 2013

A photo op

A gift from one of my cat-sitting clients, Donna.
It quickly became my favorite little cat dish.

Thank you so much, Donna.
"All mine!"

It's the perfect size and she's claimed it.

The family was all together for lunch last weekend. The weather was perfect and it was a good opportunity for a family photo. There are 10 of us now, soon to be 11. My daughter, Jess is due in September with their first child. Exciting times for Mike and Jess and of course, the whole family. Riley is very excited to have a cousin soon.
The retired guy, Allie, Jon, Mike, Deb, Jess,  baby-bump, John, Brittany, Riley & Bradley.

   Ruby (Audrey's sister) all grown up and a momma's girl. She's in for a surprise soon.

I have had to change how I view comments due to the fact that I can receive up to ten spam comments a day. Very annoying. You can comment as usual but I will have to ok it before it shows on blog. Thanks so much.

The mac and cheese was great. Easy recipe tomorrow.
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hugs, Deb


  1. What a lovely family photo Deb. Looks like you are having some lovely spring days.

    Julie and Poppy q

  2. What a wonderful family you have, Deb! And Ruby-Doo looks awesome! I loved getting to see her again! And won't she just be shocked come September! lol
    Have a great weekend!
    Lily, WA, USA

  3. We both have grandbabies due soon......mine is due the end of September. Isn't it exciting? It's Morgan's first baby.

  4. Lovely photos Deb... I think my cats would be fighting over that lovely dish ! have a nice weekend...Gail x

  5. That is such a lovely dish. That is such a nice gift. What a great picture of your family. And soon to be a bigger family. Love the picture of the puppy on the sidebar. Too cute. Take care.

  6. What a nice photo with your dear ones! I like Jess´s pic cuddling Ruby ( I thought she was Annie! they are two drops of water!)
    I wonder if Audrey is going to share the plate with her sister someday...
    Mac & cheese looked delicious...looking forward another easy new recipe from that fantastic book!

  7. Lovely family photo. Can't wait for the recipe!

  8. That is a very cute dish! I love it. Great family photo :)

  9. Deb, Popping in from Anything Blue Friday to say a great big, THANK YOU. I saw your comment to Kathryn that said my post was your favorite, too. So, naturally, I had to come see who likes the same things I like!

    I am you latest follower and hope you will follow my blog in return.

    Happy Mother's Day.


  10. Deb what a beautiful kitty bowl! Why am I not surprised the Audrey claimed it!!! What a wonderful family photo! Brings a smile to my face!

  11. Hi Deb,

    What a sweet photo! Your family is growing, and you must be thrilled! The Ontario countryside looks SO beautiful! I miss the freshness of spring in Canada!


  12. Love the photo of your beautiful family, Deb. And that kitty bowl is lovely. Happy weekend.


  13. Audrey looks fierce!

    Ruby's going to take some adjusting when the time comes....