Thursday, May 2, 2013


I was lucky enough to meet two blogging friends last month and I am still benefiting from their fun visit.
Natalie knew I loved honey and I'm almost half-way through the first bottle. *oink*

Just in case you missed an earlier post, Ronna from Natalie from to our little town to lunch and treat themselves to some shopping.
Natalie is a bee-keeper (amongst other things) and will teach you everything you need to know about bees.

She gifted me with two jars of her delectable honey. She has very busy bees and they make wonderful honey. I am quickly going through this amazing nectar. I do believe it is the best I have ever tasted and I know my honey.   I indulge morning, noon and night.

Ronna has many talents, too. She is an amazing cake baker, AMAZING, and you can see some of her work on her blog.
Yes folks...that is all cake.
As an artist she also enjoys painting china. I have used her gift at our family dinner as it held our mushroom gravy for the meal.

My unique new gravy/maple syrup bowl. I've used it for both.

If all works out, we ladies will get together again very soon.

The sun is shining and the cats are enjoying their naps.
Annie is the dearest little soul. My little Peach.
I didn't think she could get any cuter but she managed to this morning.

I am busy with tuxedos, calicos and tabbies this week.
Gorgeous, gorgeous cats.

It's like summer here. We are enjoying hot and sunny days.
It had to come sooner or later.
"Welcome MAY."
hugs, Deb


  1. Awww, Annie! It is the cutest thing when they put a paw over their eyes like that. I just melt. I bet that honey is delicious! I eat honey all the time so I hope that we can harvest our own soon. I've been following Natalie's blog and have seen some really cool posts on bees :)

  2. I love it when cats put their paws across their eyes....

    And honey is most delicious!

  3. Our weather is in the forties and we may get snow tomorrow...

  4. Hello Deb! A new reader here from Winnipeg! I had to tell you how much I have been enjoying reading your blog all morning (shhhh... I'm *supposed* to be working). I found your blog somehow and couldn't stop clicking on each previous post to read more and more of your lovely fur babies and charges you take such great care of. So far I have gone back to January 1st! You can be sure I will continue (once I get some actual work done AHEM). ;)

    Anyway, I love your writing, your photos and have added you to my blogroll so I don't miss a post from now on. I have three cats of my own, so your stories have really touched me. Thank you!

  5. Yup this summer like weather we are having here is wonderful . Nice photos . I love honey to ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  6. Annie has always seemed like such a sweet girl. A Momma so young and yet she now seems so grown-up! You make me want some honey on my morning toast!

  7. Annie is a little sweetie, and we can tell that she appreciates her new cushy life. Enjoy your summer weekend - we are a tiny bit jealous here.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  8. Something about Annie always makes me smile. She seems so gentle. Of course, nothing is cuter than a cat covering it's eyes. You could have shared the second jar of honey with me!

  9. Thanks for such a nice write up, Deb. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  10. She is a little peach, all the way round. Loved her from the beginning, we did. That little pawsie...too cute!

    I've never developed a taste for honey in tea ((hangs head in shame)). I like it in things, like honey butter on muffins. Just not plain. Can't figure it out.

  11. I do so love Little Peach...
    Lily, WA, USA

  12. I am so glad you like my honey! looking forward to seeing you soon and thanks for the nice write-up!!