Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 cats - 3 personalities

Otis, the male of the family, wants his cat-sitter to get down on all fours and entertain him.

"HELP SOMEONE..she's goin' nuts with my flippity-flip."

& Rosie,
well, Rosie has her own ideas of what a cat-sitter needs to do.

"If you can read, please refer to the note on the counter. 
It would be best for you to put a rush on filling the bowls and get yourself upstairs with my dinner."

"I'm waiting."

And Lola, sweet, sweet Lola
She always provides the sitter with a 'cat in window' photo and hopes that she may not be noticed at all.
"If I don't look at her,  she can't see me."

"Hi Lola"
Three beautiful tuxedos and three very different personalities. Yet, they all live happily together and manage in their own way to develop a family unit. Oh, they do have their moments, but what family doesn't.
All I know is that I am glad that I have become 'family' to these three amazing cats when mom is off travelling.
It's Pippa's birthday today. Please drop over to meet her and her family.

hugs, Deb


  1. Isn't it amazing how different they all are? Even litter mates can be direct opposites.

  2. I think Rosie may have been a princess in her last life!!
    Jane x

  3. Deb, you truly have the coolest job ever!! What a delight to look after such beauties... your images are so expressive and gorgeous.
    Thanks for stopping by and thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, I have been neglecting my own health because of looking after 35 others! - but I am recovering and now remembering to look after myself! I can imagine the overflow of kittens you have... one truly has to know ones limits!
    Take care,
    Big hug from Joan

  4. They are all lovely. How lucky you are to spend so much time with cats. Minerva x

  5. Aren't they adorable? Love these pics.

  6. Beautiful cats. It's amazing how different the personalities can be.

  7. Haha, I love Rosie's expression. You described it perfectly! Such cute cats.

  8. Amazing aren't they? That they are all different, just like people, may be part of the reason that they fascinate us so!

  9. I have my own sweet, sweet Lola, rescued from the street. She showed up at my door over 3 years ago, pregnant, only a kitten herself. We kept her and her baby. Lola is special because she fought so hard to find a place for herself and her kitten. I am grateful that she found me. Mary A

  10. It is funny how different cats can be--our female is a hunter and is pretty active--our male is lazy and very loving. They are littermates and we just love watching them. Beautiful kitties in your post!

  11. I just love that last picture of Lola. We had a cat named Dusty. She was not allowed upstairs in the bedrooms. So, of course, she would go up there. When she would see us coming she would quickly run half way down the stairs and hide behind a quilt that was hanging on the wall. Thing is, the only thing hidden was her head! It was so funny we'd enjoy catching her so she'd do that.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Cali.

    We think our little dog was raised with cats the first year of his life because he bats his paws like a cat when he plays!

    Cindy Bee

  12. Lola is gorgeous ...and the amazing 25 year old below ... wow. I have just had a great catch up over your last week of posts.thanks for sharing.

  13. They are lovely cats. My parents' last set of cats, a pair of sisters and the offspring of one of them- were tuxedo cats.