Monday, May 20, 2013

A restful day. Let's have tea.

The long-weekend is over and now it's time to rest.
I wanted to join in on a couple of link-ups so I am posting again.
I've just finished the first ice-cream cone of the season.  Kane had some too, in his own cone.

Audrey (she's pooped)
Kitty owners are now returning home and I have time to relax and have some tea. I wanted to join some tea parties today so what a great excuse to try a new one.
The retired guy handed me a bouquet of lilacs this morning
and they went into a pretty vase. Well, all but one branch.

I tried a new tea today.
and it hit the spot.

Earl Grey Tea with a tuna salad on french bread.
Speaking of french bread...
someone was getting very impatient so she is now sharing center-stage with my apple blossoms in the french bread basket (now turned kitty basket) .
Can you believe that face?
Oh, she looks mad but she is happier than a cat with cat-nip now.

Off to walk Kane before the rain comes.

hugs, Deb

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hugs, Deb


  1. The cats seem happy to relax today also! Love the lilacs!

  2. The cats don't go nuts when you eat tuna? The tea images were lovely.

  3. Beautiful shots! Cats are adorable.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

    Greetings from Singapore...

  4. Beautiful shots of the lilacs and Audrey is so sweet. That is HER spot!

  5. What wonderful photos Deb. The flowers, your beautiful kitties, even that lunch... sounds like a great day. We had blustery rain all long weekend - seemingly a tradition for Victoria Day weekends over here! I am still waiting for my lilacs to bloom (or even get leaves, to be honest) Everything is so late this year...

    Have a great short week!

  6. You have a lovely family of pets and the photos are so sweet! Your Kane reminds me so much of our Shelby, female collie of 10 years. She loves her treats and has been sharing her life with some reservations with the active family 5 month male collie. Love your Russian gray kitty, at least I believe that's her breed. Tea time with pets is so fun and sharing a darling flower, and cup and saucer is precious.


  7. What beautiful china and pottery you have. I can small those lilacs! (I want Audrey .... such a face!) Minerva x

  8. hello
    très belles photos de chats , que j'adore ♥♥♥
    avec ce bon parfum de lilas !
    toute ma tendresse
    et gros calins aux minets
    à bientôt
    edith (iris)

  9. Your Lilac bloom is just gorgeous--love the color. Yes, a cup of tea sounds wonderful after such busy days; I'm with you Sister, XOXO

  10. That's is the prettiest little cup that you put the flowers in! I love the detail! Enjoy your day my friend and Sis!!!

  11. So cute photos!
    Have a nice day!

  12. I love Earl Grey tea and tuna salad sandwich sounds pretty good, too :)

  13. I completely agree with Terri! I also love ice dream :dulce de leche and crema del cielo for me please! but as I suffer from cronic sinusitis and it's so cold and damp in Buenos Aires I have to do without it till warmer times...
    I like your apple blossoms and that sweet meditative face in the ex french bread basket♥

  14. Lilacs aren't around for long, but the blossoms are lovely.

    Annie looks entirely annoyed. And Audrey definitely looks tired!

  15. Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart today. I loved visiting here and seeing your love of tea, grandbabies, and cats. Wish I could share my one grandson, but parents say "no". Maybe when he is older. So I share my Joey, cat, and he doesn't have a choice.

  16. Hi Deb,
    on your photos the Lilacs look lice Orchids. Really poetic pictures. And your cats are so swet. The nicest center piece I have ever seen.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  17. Annie looks so pretty! Your cats really do run the place, don't they? lol
    Your lilacs are pretty. Whenever I have flowers or plants in the house, I have to put them out of reach of the kitty She always wants to eat the plants and spill the vase of water!

  18. You have a sweet family of fur babies, Deb. I love your lilacs! We're still waiting for it to warm up so we can enjoy ours. I don't actually have my own bush but I have friends who will give me all the lilacs I want. Lovely post! Thanks for coming to tea and have a fabulous week, Deb.


  19. So nice to have tea with you again. Lovely photos, and Audrey looks so comfy! I am back from my restorative break. Thanks so much for your kind wishes when I was gone. I have a new address for my blog and Tuesday Cuppa Tea…