Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cupboards of days gone by

It's raining today and I'm changing up the cupboard again.

My grandmother had two kitchens; one for summer and a small one for the winter months.
The summer kitchen was large, had a floor to ceiling cupboard, a small ice box, a wood-stove and a kitchen table and chairs. Two windows looked out to her tall flowers, holly-hocks being one that I remember and geraniums. Another window, over a small table where we washed the dishes, looked out to the road.
The winter kitchen had a wood-stove, kitchen table and chairs, the ice-box was brought in for the cold weather and over next to the stairs to the second floor was an antique dresser/cupboard with a mirror.
It was that cupboard that I remember the most along with the floor to ceiling one in the summer kitchen. It was full of kitchen things and nothing matched. It held every colour of the rainbow. This is where you found the china, glasses, tea-cups, cutlery, paper and pencils and best of all, the candy.
What grandchild doesn't know where the candy is kept?
                                There were cookie jars, cookie tins and biscuit barrels to fill.

But I do remember, as young as I was, that I was fascinated with her dishes. Nothing was fancy but she had pretty tea-cups and saucers of every shape and colour and we were allowed to have our tea and coffee in them. Yes, we drank tea and coffee at a very young age. I believe I was 7 when I would have coffee or tea around the wood-stove. That would be so wrong these days but most of my tea drinking was done when my mom was at home and I was at my grandmother's farm. She knew it wouldn't kill me...I'd live to tell the tale.

Every time I fiddle around with my step-back cupboard I think about her cupboards and how all the grand-daughters had their favorite cups and saucers and loved to grab a cookie from the cookie tin, lined with waxed paper, that was kept full and high up on one of its' shelves.
They were either hermits or chocolate chip and they were amazing.

My grandmother would love my cupboard and she'd understand why I like to play in it. Today it's decorated with a little bit of everything with her in mind.  There were usually lilacs sitting somewhere in the kitchen, too; most likely in a drinking glass and not a beer bottle like I am displaying. I just love this bottle.

She always had her china placed in a way that was easy for us to reach and I know she had a favorite tea-cup, herself. I remember it had dark pink flowers on it. How I would love to hold that tea-cup today.

Good memories are what gives us roots and fills us with strength when we need it.

                                                                  "Right,  Annie?"

I'm joining Sandi at for 'Home'.
hugs, Deb


  1. I am amazed reading your words. I do not have memories that detailed myself. You are blessed that you have these memories stored in your head along with the love of your grandmother.

  2. I just love the warm fuzzies this post gives me. Your Grandmother's cupboard was obviously full of enchantment. Yours has that same allure with your beautiful and interesting collections. I especially like your beautiful cups!

    1. I only wish I had photos of her actual cupboards. Would be wonderful to look back.

  3. My grandmother had a kitchen cupboard...I was fascinated by cups on hooks (we didn't have cups on hooks at home). She didn't have candy/sweeties in the home but when she would call the grandchildren into the kitchen, we all knew that a sugar lump would be popped into our mouths..a wrinkled finger would come to her lips ,so we knew we weren't to tell.
    Jane x

  4. Please show-n-tell about that beautiful yellow and green canister with the Dutch couple on it that shows above the lilac in the beer bottle!

    1. That's my favorite biscuit barrel. I'll post about it for sure.

  5. I always love to see your cupboard and how you play with your dishes! You have so many beautiful tea cups. I also enjoy hearing your memories! Yes they are important to have aren't they!


  6. My grandparents also had candy in a healthy supply, usually a sweet licorice or chocolate, and we always knew which container it could be found in....

  7. Thanks for sharing Deb all those lovely and vivid memories that marked your days as a child and will remain in your heart and soul for ever I can understand every word and feel in my heart the very special bond I shared with my dear grandma Blanquita♥
    She used to bake heavenly, loved flowers and birds and would smile at sweet Annie's pic cause she loved cats with all her heart.
    Your step-back cupboard always looks so so beautiful in white, blue or that beautiful pink and yellow china!

  8. Oh I love this! You are so right, knowing where the candy was and which was the cookie tin! I adore looking at your cupboard and all the memories it fun and lovely!

  9. What a lovely post! I have memories much like yours, Deb. Only I lost my granny when I was 7. I felt orphaned for years after that. All my best memories of my earlier childhhod are of her. Her cookie tins were always full and I remember her flowers and the windows, etc. I still miss her today. I love when you talk about your cupboard and show it off. The memories it holds for you are priceless! Thanks for sharing at my HOME and enjoy the rest of your week.


  10. What a charming and heartwarming post. I have similar memories of my granny and an elderly neighbor lady. You have so many pretties to display. I wish you had her special tea cup, too! Love the lilacs!


  11. A very sweet post. I am so glad you have such lovely memories of a childhood with a Grandmother like her and little girl cousins to have tea parties with at her home - lovely and fairly rare I would think. Oh, I can remember no time when I was considered too young to have tea with all my older siblings... Good days.
    I love the little white sugar and creamer with the multi-color flowers on the fronts. (On the top shelf to the left.) They bring back a happy memory from a tiny vase from my childhood home. Thank you!

    Lily, WA, USA

  12. My Gran was more of a Wedgewood Granny but she always gave us tea. Even when we were small. Once when out with Gran at a bakery buying something for tea, my cousin and I started chanting "tea! tea! tea! "
    over and over. The Scottish woman who owned the bakery said we were regular little tea-jennies. Gran was insulted and told us not to carry on so. But she always gave us our tea, good tea and good brew. I miss her so.

  13. I love your cupboard full of memories and beautiful china! Happy memories.

    Your post took me back to my lovely, rotund, Nanna with her wrap around aprons and granny spectacles. She always had a tin of something freshly baked in her pantry or a paper twist of raisins. I have her old biscuit barrel and tea caddy, we use them every day.

  14. Deb, Your cupboard is beautiful, and beautifully styled. I enjoyed hearing about your grandmother's kitchens. Such sweet memories for you!

  15. that lovely piece with the Dutch children on it is winning my heart in this one! And all your lovely teacups. I love posts like this!

  16. Just saying hello and leting you know my new blog address:
    Your cupboard is lovely and the thoughts you shared about your grandmother.

  17. The former summer kitchen on our house is now our family room!

    My Mum used to tell me she gave me milky tea in a bottle. Those Brits! ;)