Thursday, May 23, 2013

Annie & the lilacs

It poured last night. We had a bit of thunder; just enough to send the dog under the rocking chair.
I always worry about the ferals that I feed. I do my best, though. (There's that line again)
I make sure the food is under a cover and well back towards a wall. I have seen three lately and they look good. I don't talk too much about them, though. I know many people feel I should be trapping them and getting them fixed. Let me just say, there are many and our shelters don't want them. There are so many in this area that one would go broke very quickly trying to fix them all. No vets have offered to do it for free or even cheaper. I spoke to a woman who runs a sanctuary but she is full, too. She also told me that a cat that has been trapped, neutered and released can be run off by the rest of the clowder. She feels the only humane thing to do is trap, neuter and place somewhere to be socialized, if possible. I wish I knew what the answer was. I feel we need a shelter here, in our own area to care for those cats that are trapped within the town lines.
So, I feed the few every night that are close to my home and I hope for a change in the future.
Please don't attack me on this. I've heard it all.

While I tidied up last night,  Annie watched the rain fall through the kitchen window. She seems to always be in the same room as me. She likes to spend time with on one.
She loves when I sit with her and we talk. She will sit on the wicker cupboard in the kitchen and watch me go about my business. When I talk to her she always answers, either with a quiet meow or a blink of her eyes. She needs to be near to be happy.

The lilacs are beautiful this year. 
Some of the trees have double the blossoms. I bring many bouquets in to fill the home with its' fragrance.
For some strange reason, Audrey doesn't care about lilacs or apple blossoms.
She is much more interested in the mother bird and her babies in the tree outside our dining-room window.
It's better than any tv I've seen all week.

And this little guy was very intrigued with Kane as we walked by on our walk today.
 We managed to just make it home before the rain came.

hugs, Deb


  1. I'm inclined to agree with you on ferals... do what we can for them, anyway.

    The rain's been off and on. Unfortunately I was out at lunch and there was a downpour that I could see coming. I got drenched.

    Cats must always have their eyes on a passing dog. It's complete distrust of the canine species.

  2. Your photographs are beautiful and remind me a quiet rainy day with cats as company is a pleasant day.

    Many people seem to think cats are not very friendly or social but my 2 cats follow my husband & I all over the house wanting to be near us, in our laps, or at our feet. They also meow back at us if we speak to them. They are very comforting to have around.

    I applaud you for doing what you're able to do making life a bit better for the feral cats in your area. Often the "ideal" thing to do is not at all practical or feasible in so many situations life presents, but if everyone did a little bit as they're able , it would go a long way. Bless you !

  3. Oscar said he'll have all the apple blossoms Audrey doesn't want...he loves them!
    Jane x

  4. Oh Deb I too am proud of you for caring for the ferals... I feed the wild bunnies in our backyard, much to the disgust of our neighbors. Too bad. Our cats follow me around the house too; sometimes all together, sometimes they take turns. But there is always someone there to keep me company. I am still waiting for our lilacs to blossom!

  5. Deb you are an amazing woman who does the best that you can for ferals. It would be great if there were more people like you who cares for them as you do...In my town Ituzaingó there are lots of cats and dogs abandoned...yesterday there was a big black old dog in the street with a hurt leg in a cry of pain, I took him to a vet, gave him some food ( I always have dog food in my bag) but I couldn´t take him with me I have two who once were abandoned too and my 9 cats I went to feed him but I couldn´t find him, I wish a caritative soul will find and take him home.
    From here I can smell the bouquet of lilacs in your lovely cupboard and I can hear sweet Annie meowing quietly in your ear♥

  6. Deb,

    You are doing a great job in helping the ferals! I was thinking of it just last night and talking with my husband about you and your work... again! I had no idea that the clowder would possibly run off members that had been altered and you know, it makes sense as they would know they were different and that could be enough for them to do it. That is sad as people do a lot of trap and release back to the same family group. Hmmm... Please do keep up your good work with all of animal kind.

    Love the lilacs, love the guy peeking and really love Sweet Peach!

    Lily, WA, USA

  7. I also agree, Deb. You can't do it all, but we can do what we can. Some of my neighbors don't like me feeding the ferals either, but that's life. We each must do what we think is right. And I agree that we couldn't afford to neuter/spay all of them (heck, we can't even catch all of them), but if we can get hold of the mama, spay her, and find homes for her kittens, then... that's something. And in the meantime, they have a safe sanctuary with food and water in our yard.

  8. The feral cat problem seems to be a problem nationwide, from country to country. The spay and neuter clinic where I work will take any caged, feral cat and fix them for free, they are also vaccinated against rabies, and feline leukemia at no cost.
    Last feral cat day we did 175 animals, it's an ongoing problem.
    Thank you for feeding the ones close to your home, they are all God's creatures.
    Your Lilac's are spectacular !

  9. It's hardly stopped raining here for about a week. I was just sure you were going to show a cat covered in lilac blossoms!

  10. It is so obvious that you love cats and all animals. You do what youcan. No one can find fault in that.
    I took in a kitten of a feral cat that was killed by a car. I also have my second dog from the pound. I also became an emergency foster parent for a child no one wanted......and adopted I know that you can only do so much. I used to volunteer like crazy when my kids were in school. Now that I am almost retirement age everyone asks if I will volunteer somewhere. No thanks, I think I have done my share, hah. So keep on doing what you do best and so will I. You with cats and me with babies.

  11. I support you, Deb. We have a low cost spay and neuter clinic for ferals and I've brought in several. That's how I have ended up with 6 cats of my own! You do what you think is right. Two more homeless ones have shown up on my doorstep but the inn is full. I feed them too and hope for the best. Mary A

  12. Deb I think it's a no win situation! I feed any cats that seem lost or strays and hope they will find a home somewhere...Mr Toes did!


  13. It would be nice to have the funds to spay and neuter all the feral cats, or to have veterinary hospitals do it for free or at a discount. But since neither of those options are available to you - nor are they available to many animal-lovers - the best you can do is help as you can. I would do no different than you.