Saturday, May 4, 2013

For the love of a plant

My orchid is going nuts right now. It has eight gorgeous blooms on it all because I finally learned how to water it and Audrey can't reach it.
Yes, this is the same orchid that Audrey knocked over, broke all the blooms off of and left for dead.
I really believed I had it in a safe place but you have to know Audrey

So now I water it with ice cubes once a week and it is paying me back with its' beauty.
I think I may become an orchid fanatic if I ever get a greenhouse. 
Now, since we are on the topic of plants, Sierra has fallen in love with my Basil. She wants to marry it.

"You dazzle me, Basil"

It is very attractive and it certainly smells good. Adding it to our sauces and salads has been delightful.
She guards it like it is cat-nip and she is not too pleased that it is diminishing before her eyes.

Not to worry, though. It is Spring, and once again she will be waiting for the postman on her little red bench on the porch every day. Basil will soon be a memory.

And you are probably wondering how Audrey is doing?
Well, she's been helping me with house plans and annoying paper work.
Always providing some comic relief.

hugs, Deb


  1. Audrey is incorrigible. Hiding under tablecloths... not all that different from burrowing under the bedcovers.

    I imagine the smell of the basil appeals greatly to Sierra. A comfortable, pleasant scent.

  2. Tell Sierra I'm a fan of basil also!! That Audrey, she really does keep you on your toes! So happy you orchid is doing so well. They are amazing plants!

  3. Glad to hear Audrey is still being helpful! Sierra's looking mighty fine!

  4. I have to laugh at the "help" you are getting in that last pic. So cute! Your orchids are so nice - I always admire them at the garden center. We love basil, too. Have a great Saturday.

  5. Your orchid is wonderful! What a triumph! So glad you managed to “work around” the AA! Enjoy!
    I bet Sierra is looking forward to her tete a tete with the postman! Won’t Basil miss her!
    Happy Weekend,
    Lily, WA, USA

  6. Looks like most of the cats are having spring fun. Nice when they wake up from their winter hibernation habits.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  7. Your orchid is lovely! I have trouble with houseplants in that Gracie eats them, or knocks them over. She is so curious about them!

    1. I'm just starting with orchids, and have read about the ice cubes. Guess I'll have to try it. I got one at Lowes about four months ago, and it still has the blooms on. When do they lose blooms? I just got a white one and will be showing it with some of my house plants tomorrow. I'm so jealous that you have all those pretty blooms after an Audrey attack! (Gotta love that Audrey.)

  8. Lovely orchid! I don't have any houseplants because of the kitties. Even when I have cut flowers (for anniversary, birthday), I have to put them up high to keep Sam, in particular, from eating them.

    I'm so glad that Audrey is being useful! :-)

  9. Audrey knew today's Photo Hunt theme was "under"

  10. I have never heard of using ice cubes to water an orchid! I am on my second one since I killed my first one because I didn't water it enough! The "experts" scared me to death telling me that most orchids die from overwatering. I will google the ice cube method to find out how many to give it. Mary A

  11. So, is the burrowing a feral cat thing? I never had one do it so much as Maeve. She gets under the sheets and wiggles around all over the bed. Tablecloths are another biggy with her. I'm amazed that you can keep a plant alive with Audrey in the house. I started veggies indoors 3 years in a row and Maeve ate every one when it sprouted! I'm with Sierra on loving the scent of basil.

  12. I guess I never noticed that Sierra's markings look like one of the large cats. Very beautiful girl, she is.

    Lots of species of orchids, some easier to grow than others. All I know is they like a temperature drop at night which is impossible whilst caring for my soon to be 90 year old bedridden mum. The fellow a Trader Joes's
    said to love 'em as you would cut flowers and then toss them because it is hard to get them to rebloom. Now, an orchid lady said , with proper care, it's easy. What is "proper care"?High maintenance anything doesn't fit into my life right now.

  13. Hahahaha, oh Audrey! You are a cutie! Great photo of her hiding. Your orchid is awesome - I am not brave enough to try growing one. I have never heard about watering with an ice cube before!

    I have always wanted to have a few herbs in my kitchen; but I was afraid the cats would eat them and get sick - I guess I shall have to do some research... fresh basil is wonderful!

  14. I was in a grocery store everyone bought the last of the basil and low and behold a nice young man ran into the plant section where there was just one tiny one and I got it for 50 cents. I am in basil heaven, I love it, use it in everything...Your cats are so sweet and the photos show all of them in their glory, thanks to God for a sweet lady like you for what you do each day to bless the sweet animals,you are closer to the Lord...I esp. enjoy seeing Audrey, she is a sweet angel..Oh, your tea cups look absolutely amazing, I read your blog in the very early morning using a cup from my great grandmother of course the tea is full leaf and I sip it thinking how happy she would have been to have known her first great grandchild I love tea and cups as much as she did. Have a most wonderful week this May 6 2013..I think your grandchildren as so beautiful too and smart, what a lovely family you have, it is because you are a sweet & kind, tea cup loving and tea and kitteh cat loving human being, ciao!