Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cats in windows

My daughter's cat, Ruby, gave me a 'cat in window' photo for you today.

"Thanks, Ruby-doo"

And Kane and I went on a long walk early today and captured a few more for you.
Did I ever mention it is not easy to photograph something with one hand while you hold on to a dog's leash?
It's fine for Kane to stop 50 times in a walk to sniff, check out stuff or pee but no patience shown when I want to stop just for that perfect moment.
I think we counted (yes, my dog can count :) 10 cats this morning lying about on lawns, sidewalks or in windows.

Such a darling...
"Hello gorgeous"

and this brave one wanted to meet Kane.
It was a cool, sunny morning.
Just Purrfect!

And to top it off, my youngest treated me to a pedicure today.
No photos because personally I'm not into feet.
But, must say, mine look and feel great right now. :)

hugs, Deb


  1. That first image is amazing Deb.

  2. You get the best pictures of cats in spite of Kane, or maybe because of Kane.

    What a nice treat for you and your feet, a pedicure. Pedicures make me feel great because only then do my feet seem worthy of being seen.

  3. Ruby's thinking, "I am mistress of all I survey."

    Nice of that kitty to come out to say hello to Kane. Must sense that Kane spends a lot of time around cats, and therefore can be more readily trusted...

  4. Oh la la, a pedicure =)
    Those kitty photos are sweet.
    Kane is so smart to be able to count! ♥

  5. I have NEVER seen an ugly cat! Love the new photo of Kane in the sidebar.
    Jane x

  6. I love your cat in the window photos!

  7. Very nice window-cats-photos.
    Greetings from Tatjana

  8. Deb, lovely photos.
    May I share my heart break here? Monday night our dear dog Lexie, almost 12 years old, got out of our yard as the gate had blown open. We searched for over three hours the whole neighborhood. She was found by our dear family friend, on the side of the road. Killed by a car. Devastating pain for us. She was a black lab mix and such a joyful sweetie. It is a nightmare for us right now. Your posts are always great balm, especially today.

  9. No matter how my day is going...your photos of your cats make me smile! XOXO