Friday, May 17, 2013

Come along on a walk

After cat-sitting this morning, Kane and I headed out before it got too hot. Yes, it actually gets too hot for the dog by afternoon. He is a full-coated large sheltie and he does feel the heat. I keep him brushed all summer and we have air for him indoors so he gets through the hotter season but it's not his favorite, for sure. He's a Fall-lover like me.
So, come along on our walk today.

The lilacs are in full bloom right now so the fragrance from them is amazing.

Cats are everywhere.

This town has plenty of indoor-out-door cats & you can be sure that there will be many looking out their windows.

Remember this little white beauty? Could she be any cuter?

I see you, fella. Some are very timid around the dog.

These old stone homes intrigue me.

This is one of my favorite homes that we pass by every day.

I love the architecture and the windows take my breath away. How charming this place is.

I wish I knew its' history but I do know that right now it is chopped up into apartments. It looks over the river and would be a fine place to rent for anyone.

Back home we went,  just in time for Kane's nap and for me to indulge in a big salad.

We are in for a beautiful, sunny weekend. I hope you enjoy yours.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Your salad looks yummy! You saw some cute cats on your walk today too :) I'm glad to hear it is getting warmer there now!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed that walk - and I hope Kane did too. We are in for a wet and miserable weekend - still, that's England for you! Have a wonderful one yourself. x

  3. Lovely photos . Salad looks YUMMY ! Our Miggs gets a long shaggy coat to as she has bearded Collie in her so we get her shaved for the hot weather so she is a bit cooler ! Thanks for taking us with you . Have a great long weekend !

  4. I am a Fall lover too... and I always wanted a Sheltie - I think they are so beautiful!

    I see the white cat is still taking your advice and keeping in the shade... good for him (or her!)

    Hope you have a lovely long weekend! As is typical, the May long weekend has arrived with rain here :( Good thing we don't camp anymore!

  5. What a nice walk with sweet Kane along that flowery street!Feel so happy he is so cherish♥
    What a lovely neighboorhood full of kitties and the gorgeus house is built in a Victorian style or a French one? It´s so beautiful!
    Mmm delicious complete salad! Bon appetit!

  6. I do love that house!

    Nice eggs, ha ha. ;)

  7. I love lilacs and can't grow them here so I'll enjoy the ones you find on your walk. Really like the looks of your salad.

  8. I hope you have a beautiful and sunny weekend too, Jane. Your photographs are as dreamy as ever.
    Thank you for stopping by. This was the first time I ever tried macarons. I don't really love too many sweets but I would like to try to bake them myself soon. Fingers crossed. ;)
    Love those faces.

  9. The houses are beautiful! I am glad you have such an interesting place to walk with dear Kane.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Lily, WA, USA

  10. Our lilacs are just about to bloom ...including the one by the gate!
    The houses remind me of the houses in the Kingston area, must be from the same era. We have a beautiful long weekend in store..enjoy!
    Jane xx

  11. I so enjoyed going along on your walk. Such sweet kitties and Kane is so handsome. The lilacs must smell heavenly and the architecture of that home is so pretty.
    We might get rain this weekend...guess I'll work indoors.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. The cats all look so restful and happy . Thanks for showing us such beauty.

  13. Love the pictures of your walk--especially of the kitties in the windows!

  14. Quite a walking tour, and quite a few kitties!