Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No hot dog today.

Oh good grief, I was in Almonte again and not only did I stop in at Bob the Baker's, tut! tut!, but I also came home with another blue and white addition to my cupboard. I know...someone should tie me to a tree.

It's called The Farm, Made in England.

It was so hot today that I actually had to do the mid-day walk without my trusty friend. I snuck out and felt like a heel but it was just too hot. He was walked in the evening instead.

So, on my lonely walk today I passed by one of my favorite fences that is now bursting with colour. Isn't this gorgeous?

Then I came across a yellow toilet filled to the brim with flowers.

And, I captured two kitties basking in the heat of the day in their windows.

And this fella came over to greet me
 and we sat and talked about his day and his plans for the rest of the week. :)

Apparently, it won't be much different than today.

hugs, Deb

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  1. Aww, that last fella is so cute! How nice that everything is greening up there. Today it will be hot for us as well, but we haven't had any showers to get things really growing again yet.

  2. So it's hot there also? We apparently are breaking's supposed to be 30 C today....sigh.

    Kind of fast and over done, considering that it was freezing the other week.

    Hope you manage to stay cool.


  3. Looks like spring has sprung -- finally. That toilet made me smile. Some sweet kitties you meet on your walks.

  4. Such a beautiful plate, I'm smiling because I share your passion for blue and white dishes :)
    What a pretty picket fence, all decked out in her yellow, and the kitties know just who to pick, in order to listen to their meows....
    Have a wonderful day dear friend !

  5. Oh Deb, what a beautiful plate with that lovely country scene in it! Spring is so nice in your dear town I love it! but take care with the first heat when walking take a little bottle with water with you!
    I fall in love with that black and white fella and his shorty legs ♥
    Have a nice day!

  6. It's just terrible...Lol..wink wink...I love Blue and White and I love your new plate..I tell myself almost all the time..stop buying and my oldest daughter says Mom stop..but I just can't help myself either...I love the farm scene...I have a huge Black & White kitty...she is to the toliet full of flowers..Nice post thank you for sharing..with love Janice..p.s. thank you for stopping by...

  7. I like your blue and white plate and all of your blue dishes. I like blue and white pieces two. So far I have three plates! lol That was an interesting walk that you had! Nancy

  8. What a pretty plate you discovered. That colorful fence and all the content kitties are pretty, too. Enjoy your afternoon.

  9. I always love seeing your shots from your morning walk. You got some good ones today! Sorry about all the spam. That's no fun.

  10. Love that little black and white! He looks like he could tell you a good story and be very pleasant! Please send him by here!
    Lily, WA, USA
    (Sorry about the spam! Thanks for letting us make anonymous comments. Many blogs have stopped doing that lately... *sigh*)

  11. You always get to meet the cutest kitties on your walks.

  12. Lovely photos ! The weather has been wonderful for sure ! My mum had the entire Blue English farm plate set it came from England through our family for generations , my sister has it all now ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  13. Pretty plate and pretty flowers. I'm glad you had some warm weather, it's been in the 60's here but we had sunshine today..Yay!

  14. Beautiful picket the plate!

  15. That tuxedo kitty looks adorable.

    You may have something of an addiction to blue and white knick knacks.