Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It rained for hours today. I expect we are seeing the tail end of the tornado that has been playing heavy on all our minds.

Audrey chose to sleep through it. I decided to tidy up and do a bit of cleaning.
I always throw in a bit of playing with dishes, too.
It poured and left us with little daylight.
I couldn't shake off the feeling of sadness for the tornado victims. If they had been spared losing their life or a loved-one, including their pets, many did lose their homes. 

As I tidied up and dusted the furniture I thought of all the homes that have been destroyed.
People losing everything. 
All these 'things' we surround ourselves with are just that; things. But, they make our house a home and every piece has lovingly been chosen by us for some reason or another to be there. 
But it is all replaceable, isn't it?
I can maybe count on one hand the 'things' that would break my heart to lose.
You know...we all have them.
A hand-me-down from a loved one who has passed on. A treasured heirloom, our photographs or letters from the past. 
These 'things' are in every home and they would be sadly missed.

So, that's what I thought of as I tidied up today. I couldn't think anymore of the children lost in this tragedy. It was making me physically ill. I put my mind on the destruction of the homes and all their treasures.
It just felt easier to endure.

hugs, Deb


  1. Beautiful post. I think we all have been thinking about Oklahoma. Hugs to you.

  2. So true - I cannot imagine the horror for those families. Did you see the little dog peek out of the rubble just has the owner was being interviewed on CNN? It made me cry! I can imagine a life without my "things", but I couldn't bear to think of my family and pets being taken away.

  3. Deb, you said what a lot of us were thinking. I actually went around the house taking pictures this week... pictures of pictures on the wall... things that couldn't be replaced. My cousin lost everything in Katrina. But she feels the loss of her family pictures and her mother's wedding ring the most. I pray for those who lost their homes, but if they didn't lose a loved one or a friend, I'll bet they are still thankful... as awful as it would be, things are just 'things'.

  4. I feel the same way....I have sat in front of the TV these past days...trying to imagine how difficult it will be for them to pick up their lives and re-build.

  5. It is hard to imagine what these poor people are going through in Oklahoma , my heart and prayers go out to all of them ! We haven't had a stitch of rain yet it seems to be going around us and we need it . It has been very dry here sunny and humid ! Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  6. We've had some rainy days too, but my heart goes out to those in the path of one of the worse tornadoes to hit Oklahoma. I think I've cried as much as it's rained thinking of the loss they are going through. Beautiful post, XOXO

  7. It's been heart wrenching, this terrible tragedy. You're right - they are just things. I'd be heartbroken if I lost them, but I could go on. My thoughts are with everyone in Oklahoma who has suffered a loss.


  8. I think everyone has items in their home they would hate to lose. I remember a coworker saying a relative lost their home in a bad fire a few years earlier. The one thing the aunt missed the most was her recipes. Who would have thought of that?

  9. It has been so sad to watch the news lately. I can't imagine what those people are going through.

  10. The only thing I couldn't do without is Chris and the cats. With their love I have everything of importance.
    Jane x

  11. You have expressed many of the feelings I have had after tragedies such as tornadoes. I live in a tornado alley as they say and have seen the destruction up close. That makes it real, not something on TV or in the papers. I also have photographs in a safe place. Our things can be replaced of course but the people who actually do it know it is not and never will be the same. The best I have hoped to learn is to hold my loved ones, people and animals, close every day. To always say I love you when we part. And to pray for those who are suffering.

  12. Very well said. I think the tornado and its aftermath weighs heavily on all of us.

    You've seen the clip of the woman who was speaking with a reporter, and her dog is found?

  13. Deb I look at my 'things' and know that I would miss some of them but the things of importance are my family, friends and pets. On the news they said two little girls (best friends) died with their arms around each other in the school. I just cried.