Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"My pleasure"

 "You are so welcome. It was my pleasure" 

I have the nicest clients. They are cat lovers and, in my mind, that says a lot.






Miss Molly

It is time to load up the cat-bag with toys, treats & some nip for those allowed to indulge. I have added a new item this week, a tiny broom & dust-pan. I couldn't find one at one of the clients home and it made me realize that I should have one 'just in case'. Some of my kitty-clients like to 'kick it up' a bit too much. Oh, you thought it was all cuddles and play-time....HA! Did I mention I have a gas-mask in my bag. (just kidding)

"What is it about a cat in a window that intrigues me so" 

I can still hear her words

Here is a picture that I cherish, mostly because I have so few of my grandmother who I loved very much. From left is my Aunt Frances, my granny, Aunt Vera and my mother.
I have posted about my grandmother and her love of cats and my fun times on her farm. This post is about my mom. 13 years ago today, she passed away from cancer. This day will always be the day every year that I dread the most and yet at the end of this day I will be filled with wonderful memories of my mother and feel so blessed to have been her daughter. Her name was Edna Elizabeth Wilson. She always said that she wished she had been called Elizabeth as she hated her first name. I remember telling her when I was young that I didn't like mine either. She just rolled her eyes and said "Oh darn, so what do you want to be called?" .
Deborah, Debbie, Deb stuck so it never got changed but I never blamed wasn't so bad. Mom had a great sense of humour and always looked so pulled together.  My friends used to tell me that I was lucky to have her for a mom...she was cool! 
I wish she was here to meet Riley (my grand-daughter) and see how much she looks like her daddy. My mom loved my children so much and was very proud of them. It's so hard not to share my joy with her. I feel her with me everyday though and sometimes when I am faced with a decision I find myself wondering what she would do. "Make a decision and stick with it. It will all work out." I still hear her voice and can see her kind eyes. I am grateful for that. 
Today I will try to enjoy the memories mixed in with a few tears. "Miss you, mom"

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ed & bed

There is a lot of cat-nappin' going on around here.

Three things in life are certain: death, taxes and cats enjoying a sun-puddle.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's been swell.

5:00 - Time for my last visit with Ebony & Cally. There has been progress with these two getting along
the last few days. Yesterday I came in to find them chasing each other up and down the stairs. Last night they sat next to each other both 'meowing' for their dinner. This morning they ate breakfast together, 3 feet apart. This is a stretch from last week. I think the owners will be very surprised and happy. They must be excited to be coming home to begin their life with a new kitty that they only had in their presence for 2 days before they left for holidays. I know I would be.

Cally wanted to leave me with a very regal photo to remember her by. I will miss these two. I wish I had better luck photographing Ebony but she didn't like the camera. She is a black beauty though and I will miss her gorgeous gold eyes.
Good luck Cally

Off to see Bud & Chase and bid them farewell for now.

Chase wanted some scritchin' & scratchin' so what Chase wants, Chase gets."You boys be good for Craig & Heather. Not too much hanky-panky, now."

hugs, Deb

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Treat line-up.

Treat time is a social time at my  house. Kitties line up for the delectable morsels and Kane stands back waiting for his share. Yes, he gets cat treats too. It's like me having a 'chocolate' moment. There's nothing better. I believe all cats like Temptations, mine do. I sometimes open a can of salmon and give them each a spoonful. They love that, too.
The most delicious treat is 'Pure Bites Chicken' (Freeze-dried chicken pieces (no additives) Sometimes they can hardly contain themselves and I may even get a swat from Joe.
                                                              "Hey, it's treat time"
 He absolutely has NO MANNERS.

A treat that I leave for my cat-sitting kitties may look something like this - 

Sometimes a treat is not food. Some cats are not over-the-moon about treats. They would prefer a little nip or a scratch under the chin or on the ear. Just your attention and company can be enough for some cats. Like Dominique, lets say. She prefers to just sit by you and bask in your attention to her. Laying on the carpet reading a magazine is just heaven to Dominique.

So, Dominique and I have been to heaven today. I hope you had a wonderful day, too.

Cat-owners are the coolest people

I am hearing a lot of "I know you love it but can you make a living at this? and "So you are retiring and just doing this on the side?".  I'm going to go on record to say that this type of service is growing and I see it becoming the new 'preferred' option for cat-care while you travel. Think of's never have to go in the car. All their loved possessions are there for them 24/7.

 They are not sitting in a cage (mercy!)
and they are waiting at home for you when you return so you don't have to go and pick them up when you are dog-tired.
(off web)
 As a homeowner, you have also had someone coming and going which adds security for your home. This business ROCKS! 

Cat-owners are the coolest people and I should know. I LOVE my clients. Some of my 'families' go back as far as 15 years of me caring for their cats. That creates a very relaxed & trusting relationship. As the cat-sitter, I often hear "make yourself at home" and "have a swim while you're here" or "Turnip can't wait to see you"..  I'm really appreciative of these clients because I feel so comfortable with them. Naturally, it will take some time to create this relaxed relationship with your clients but it does happen and quite quickly. Of course, the cats become very special to me, which goes without saying. I have watched kittens grow into beautiful, captivating cats and I have cried over the loss of many adorable senior cats.  You know the saying, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with" ...for me, that works for cats too. It is a growing business and I wish all cats had this service in their area. Have I got you thinking, yet?

So, this post is dedicated to all my wonderful cat-owners who I have had the privilege of getting to know and to care for their family cat. "Thank you so much for your trust in me and your friendship. These are for you"
"Thank you"

"If you don't like cats, chances are you've never lived with one"

Friday, August 27, 2010

Get smart with that litter-box

My meeting went well and it was nice to have coffee at one of my favorite restaurants in town, The Good Food Co. After tying up some loose ends regarding the sale of my biscuit business, it was off to see my country cats.

Ebony & Cally wait for their favorite words.."Come on girls, breakfast"  Is it not just 'so wonderful' to watch a cat ease in to living comfortably in a new home with new owners who have rescued her from the street. "Cally, you are a very lucky girl." Next, off to see Bud & Chase and see what those two scallywags are up to. It's like seeing double.......

Dominique was next on my route.
Delightful Dominique. Is she not the most gorgeous girl? Normally it takes awhile for her to be comfortable with 'the cat-sitter' but this time around we are off to a good start. Cats love it when you get down on the floor to have a chat with them. It's not easy to crook your neck to look someone in the face all the while they are talking to you. This way we are both comfortable.

She was given quite the beauty-mark, don't you think?

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^= litter boxes with flower-power

Did you know that cats HATE scented litter? Well, they do. Because your cat's sense of smell is 1000 times stronger than yours, what seems like a light scent to you is very overwhelming and stressful to your cat. Some cats refuse to use a litter that irritates them so much. If you have changed recently to a scented litter and your cat has left a surprise for you elsewhere, change your litter back to scent-free immediately. I do not use scented litter. Instead I add 2 tbsp. of baking soda to the litter-box every few days and it takes care of any odour. I replace the litter with clean litter twice a week and scoop daily (many times). With 5 cats of my own + my daughter's cats temporarily, I have 3 litter-boxes and do not have any problems with them using them.

I brought home a covered litter-box with fingers crossed that my 'ol girls could make the change and use it. All were fine with it but 1 cat. She was afraid to go inside. I think she thought that if she went in there and another cat came in she could not escape. So, she wouldn't use it. Well that just isn't good now, is it? One disgruntled cat can make a very smelly home. I also had a regular box with no lid so it wasn't a problem but if that is the only type of box you have and you are finding that the cat has gone outside the box you may have a cat that is afraid to be trapped. I suggest you keep the original box available while the cat gets used to the new covered box. Keep them side-by-side and once the cat has p'd in the original box scoop the p and place it in the new box. Awwww......sneaky! Sometimes it works and sometimes you just get a dirty look.
Mr. Ed says there is no way he would be seen in that litter-box. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Polly & Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Keeping Kitty Inside

Yesterday was a day to finish up some orders of biscuits to be shipped and get down to the post-office to send them off. Today I meet again with the new owner of my dog biscuit business. It will be good to go over any last minute details and answer any questions she may have. We are meeting at the Good Food Co. in Carleton Place. This is a restaurant that is right in my town and is by far the Best Food ever. I can't count how many times my good friend Christine, who passed away last February, and I had breakfast there. It was a Saturday morning tradition for us. We would catch up on our week and always had a relaxed, fun morning. It is something I miss very much. .

Polly was Christine's cuddle-bug and constant companion while she was ill. She was a very faithful friend.
Polly was well taken care of during Christine's illness and is now living with her partner, Rob with their 3 older cats and is doing great.

I spent the morning caring for Ebony, Cally, then Dominique and then off to see Buddy & Chase. Lots of craziness going on in those houses......I was running up and down halls with strings with feathers attached at 8am. I may just have a heart attack one of these mornings but what a way to go. Woo-Hoo! =^..^=

Tonight we are having dinner at the St. James Gate in CP.  This is another great restaurant/pub. Lots of fun there and I love the waiter, Ross, who just looks at me and says "The usual?"

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Show your cat that life indoors is lively and fun
You have adopted a cat  and your cat seems to be settling in fine until the cat locates the front door. Many cats think of the door as their feline freedom barrier. Cats become persistent in their pleas to go outside. This is where you have to outsmart them by offering a fun and interesting indoor life.
1. Spay or neuter the cat. This will eliminate hormones from dictating your cat's actions.
2.Build a cat enclosure.
3.If finances are tight, try a leash and harness and take leisurely strolls with the cat. A tip for using a harness is to let the cat play with the leash and harness for a few days first before trying to put it on the cat.
4.Have lots of window perches and cat trees for the cat. Bring a small real tree in to your cat room that the cat can climb and sharpen it's nails on. Nothing beats NATURAL.
5. Two's company.

Something that I think works well is to intercept your cat when it is heading to the door to meow and beg to go out. I find that if you stop the behaviour before it starts the cat will find other ways to keep itself amused. Try anything, play with a toy, place the cat on a window perch or dance with your cat. Get it's mind off the door before it happens.

Wishing you a grrrrrreat day!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eenie, meenie, mynni, mo & Beautiful Bella

This BIG DECISION took up a good part of my morning visit with the boys. Poor Chase was so confused...which one do I choose? It's not often that a cat has to make a decision and I really threw this guy for a loop. Finally, the blue feather was chosen and within minutes he had chewed it up 'til it was unrecognizable.   Buddy just waited patiently for his brother's decision. He actually nodded off once. .Look at Bud's eyes here. I think he's horrified that he may be stuck with the orange one.

Off to the local pet store for my bi-weekly shopping spree. They LOVE ME there. They keep telling me I should buy stocks in the store.  I'm lucky that my cat-sitting cards are given out to the local people by the staff at this store. 
I have introduced Freya before but I got a nice shot of her today so here she is again. She is the store mascot.

Ain't she sweet!
On my way out I looked up to see this beauty trying to catch my attention. Oh my gosh, she was a pretty one. She has been brought in from our local pound to be featured in the store in hopes of getting her a new home. Her name is Bella. Any takers? This store has two very large cages that they use to help out our animal control officer find homes for the many cats that are picked up in our area. It is quite a large area and our local pound is always full. Dogs & cats. The kennel has a website but it is not maintained very well and that is all the advertising these animals get. The store owner picks up 2 or 3 cats and places them in the store until they are adopted. Over the last few years they have found homes for more than 150 cats this way.

Hope you all have a great day.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Felines and Forgotten tracks

There is nothing better than to 'hunt' if you are a cat. Even if it is just in your imagination. These two fellas are my son's cats, Ozzie (on the left) and Cooper. They have a resident chipmunk who loves to tease them when it is playtime in the vines above the deck.
At our home, Rae-Rae waits patiently for people to walk by the kitchen window. She loves to try to get their attention. She is SO excited that it is almost back-to-school time because we have a school near by and hoards of kids walk by our window. Some even come up to the window to say 'hello' to her. She does somersaults for those kids
                                                   I'll just wait here for school to start"
                                                                          "Gimme five"
I am waiting for the fall with open arms. I love the cool weather after a hot, humid summer. I hate what follows it but it is truly my favorite time of year. This was taken last fall of the 'boys'
I am home now from a busy morning of cat-sitting. The afternoons are my time to catch up on whatever is 'bugging me', you know, we all have things hanging over our heads. So, I am heading over to the 'cop shop' to find out what I do to get 'bonded'. Doesn't hurt to cover all areas. Then, Kane and I will walk off our lunch maybe on this track that has been abandoned by all trains for the last year. I miss the trains. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

A packed-full weekend.

If there is one thing that will put a smile on my face it is to get a call to care for Buddy & Chase. I love looking after these two clowns. They make me want to go right up to the shelter and adopt two tabby-cat brothers.  I enjoy just watching them interact with each other. Talk about copy-cats..these two take the cake.
Ebony & Cally are still leary of each other but when I arrive they are always sitting in the same room together. I think it is so nice that they have each other's company even if there is 10 feet always between them. It's company, right? It beats being alone. They will most likely end up the best of friends. I am hoping they become closer before the owners return. With the owners gone, Ebony is not having to deal with being jealous of the new cat arriving. This is helping, for sure.
This is one of the luckiest cats I know. Cally has found a loving-home after possibly being dumped on a country road. She is a wonderful cat.
                                                                 "I'm a lucky girl"

Driving home from Ebony & Cally's I came across this beauty having lunch in someone's yard. I love the country.

I was off to Balderson today to deliver an order of biscuits (yes, still doing that). They sell like hot-cakes up there so we must keep the store owners happy. Balderson is a great place to take Kane for a run. Oh my gosh! Kane's ears look so much better. There is no wax or discharge and he is not itching and they don't smell....Hallelujah.  I am going to buy a new bottle of Gentian Ear Cleaner (this can be purchased in most larger pet stores. Natural Pet Foods store in Ottawa carries it) for the lady who dropped off this bottle to me and a bouquet of daisies to show how much I appreciate her. Thank you, thank you. Check out for more info on this product.

I am finished cat-sitting Smudge & Anu today as their owners are back tonight. I have enjoyed them mostly because Anu is FINALLY letting me pet her after many years of cat-sitting her. She is, to put it lightly, testy. I have never pushed my luck with her until now. She is mellowing with age and I am getting a little more testy myself so we are meeting in the middle. Now she actually likes being petted. So Anu, as Sally Field once said, "You like me, I think you really like me".

Tomorrow I start caring for Dominique. She's a shy, timid cat and a real beauty.

Enjoyed some time with my little Riley yesterday. She loves to see herself in the mirror and dance with her nana