Thursday, August 26, 2010

Polly & Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Keeping Kitty Inside

Yesterday was a day to finish up some orders of biscuits to be shipped and get down to the post-office to send them off. Today I meet again with the new owner of my dog biscuit business. It will be good to go over any last minute details and answer any questions she may have. We are meeting at the Good Food Co. in Carleton Place. This is a restaurant that is right in my town and is by far the Best Food ever. I can't count how many times my good friend Christine, who passed away last February, and I had breakfast there. It was a Saturday morning tradition for us. We would catch up on our week and always had a relaxed, fun morning. It is something I miss very much. .

Polly was Christine's cuddle-bug and constant companion while she was ill. She was a very faithful friend.
Polly was well taken care of during Christine's illness and is now living with her partner, Rob with their 3 older cats and is doing great.

I spent the morning caring for Ebony, Cally, then Dominique and then off to see Buddy & Chase. Lots of craziness going on in those houses......I was running up and down halls with strings with feathers attached at 8am. I may just have a heart attack one of these mornings but what a way to go. Woo-Hoo! =^..^=

Tonight we are having dinner at the St. James Gate in CP.  This is another great restaurant/pub. Lots of fun there and I love the waiter, Ross, who just looks at me and says "The usual?"

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Show your cat that life indoors is lively and fun
You have adopted a cat  and your cat seems to be settling in fine until the cat locates the front door. Many cats think of the door as their feline freedom barrier. Cats become persistent in their pleas to go outside. This is where you have to outsmart them by offering a fun and interesting indoor life.
1. Spay or neuter the cat. This will eliminate hormones from dictating your cat's actions.
2.Build a cat enclosure.
3.If finances are tight, try a leash and harness and take leisurely strolls with the cat. A tip for using a harness is to let the cat play with the leash and harness for a few days first before trying to put it on the cat.
4.Have lots of window perches and cat trees for the cat. Bring a small real tree in to your cat room that the cat can climb and sharpen it's nails on. Nothing beats NATURAL.
5. Two's company.

Something that I think works well is to intercept your cat when it is heading to the door to meow and beg to go out. I find that if you stop the behaviour before it starts the cat will find other ways to keep itself amused. Try anything, play with a toy, place the cat on a window perch or dance with your cat. Get it's mind off the door before it happens.

Wishing you a grrrrrreat day!


  1. Great advice about keeping your cat indoors. My Charlie is now very happy with his screened in porch.