Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fur & Fun-filled day

Busy day. Little Lucy will be a contented 'ol girl tonight as her owners have returned and she will now have a bed-buddy which is the one thing I cannot provide. I think the fact that she had 2 feral kitties to watch from her window every day gave her the added entertainment that she needed to get through her day. She was so sweet and loving when I would drop in each visit. I will surely miss her. "Stay healthy, Lucy so I can care for you again in your 19th year".

Chase & Bud were full of the cat-crazies today. Rippin' around and 2 little chatter-boxes.

Buddy loves to play Hide & Seek. He just isn't good at it.

Meet Angel. She is from the twilight not really. Pretty eyes though. She has beautiful markings and although a little shy she did let me pet her as soon as I arrived. I think we will be fine.

This lovely kitty has some great toys

This is a dog's dinner around here. Add a little meat & a multi-vitamin & he's good to go. Not one bag of dog food has been brought in this house in 9 years.


  1. One again I say you have a GREAT job! It's so important to do what you want to do.

    We benefit by getting to see all the wonderful kitties you care for, which is so fun.

    The Lounge is hosting a contest tomorrow, stop on over!

  2. Lucy is a doll and Buddy is too cute with the hide and seek game!...Angel is a beauty...I'm very impressed you have cooked for Kane for 9 years=what a lucky baby!!...Happy Thursday, Deb.

  3. Interesting. Can you share with us in another post how you cook for Kane, please? I want my dog on a homemade diet and would love to see how you do it plus any pointers you may have. Do you just feed him whatever you have in your fridge or do you have a recipe you follow to ensure he gets all the vitamins/minerals? TY!