Friday, August 13, 2010

Can this really be Friday the 13th?

Zoomin' out the door this morning to meet the little stray that will be living with Ebony while the owners vacation. (that's a long sentence) I'm not superstitious but Friday the 13th leaves you feeling a little jittery when starting out. Perhaps I will meet a black cat...ha! How stupid is that superstition. I hope I do meet a black cat or 10. I LOVE BLACK CATS and how their eyes are so captivating.

Just look at those eyes.

 I used to have a lovely black cat. Her name was Darma. I adopted Darma when she was already a senior from my vet. She had been found on the road, hit by a car and my vet cared for her hoping that someone would claim her. OH NO! of course not. This gal was now a homeless cat. Darma was beautifully crooked and had a miserable-looking smurk. She walked into my home and immediately put everyone into the corner. Oh, she was a peach, all right. They all hated her but in time they learned to just ignore the 'ol cow and she would soon live out her days, they hoped. We had a cottage at the time that we rented every summer so we took Darma with us so that she would not cause havock at home while we vacationed. She was in her glory. Loved the cottage life. She was like a dog, never left the cottage and I could have her outside with me and she stuck right beside me. What a lady, she was. She would stand in her crooked position and stare at me with a look that would have won her a part in the Exorcist. But that was her way and she usually just wanted a piece of my sandwich. We enjoyed her for 2 years and then at the age of approximately 16 (vet's opinion), she got ill and passed away. I cried for days. I missed her so much. So on this Friday the 13 do something a little out of the ordinary and LOOK for a black cat. Look deep into those gorgeous eyes and give the cat a big hug. Happy Friday the 13th, everyone.


  1. Oh Deb I also love Black Cats! My first cat was all black and the sweetest kitty! We named her Tiger (go figure black cat, but I was young). She lived a long life! She had one litter of kittens and started having them in my bed with me(I was about 12) my Mom and I then watched her have the other two. Gosh I will always have a special place in my heart for that beautiful animal.

  2. I had a "throwaway" black Cat also, her name was Hooter because her huge green eyes made her look like an owl. She was old when we got her and only had her three wonderful years. She would sit like a prairie dog by the table at suppertime and "quack" at us for a tidbit, purring like a motorboat the entire time. We still miss our Hootie.

  3. What a sweet story about your black kitty. They do have the most beautiful eyes. Gabby is so dark gray that her eyes glow in the dark.

    As always your posts are so sweet and so are you.


  4. beautiful photos, Deb.
    Have a fabulous weekend and pop by our blog to see the award we have for you!

  5. I think Friday the 13th and black cats are both lucky; I love black cats!...What a sweet story about beautiful Darma; she was very lucky to have experienced your loving home in the last years of her life...Thanks for sharing, Deb.