Monday, August 2, 2010

Rideau Antiques -Antiquers paradise (if you don't mind climbing over heaps of junk)or 'land of crap'

First off, please humour me and allow me to show off my new grand-daughter, Riley. (latest pic)

We went junking today. I can't express enough the word 'junk' when I am referring to Rideau Antiques. Oh there are treasures amoungst the ruins but boy you'd better have lots of time to dig. We had not dropped in here for probably 15 years and I was shocked to see what had happened in that time. I went in but I had my cell phone with me in case I got swallowed up by dishes and was never to be seen again. Now,  from these pictures I'm sure you expect I came home loaded down with 'junk' but I didn't. I was too overwhelmed by this place and came home with one print for the bedroom. I needed to replace that horrid pic I threw up there after painting the walls last Spring. I saw this print and fell in love. So calming, so sweet. A pencil drawing by John Fullwood in 1931. On the back it states that it hung in a Calgary, Alberta museum. Now it hangs in my home and I will love it.

(A man & his dog)

Here's a few pics from our visit before we got swallowed-up :)

"Dare I go in" :) Oh Ya!

This place is scaring me. Gary.......Gary, are you under there?.

"Can you friggin' believe this place?"

We managed to only lose each other once. Amazing!

I looked under the rubble but no cats to be found at Rideau Antiques.

Hope you had a good holiday. Heading out now to tuck in some cats. 
I have something to share with you tomorrow that will help you organize all your pet's junk. Stay tuned...   


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I would love to go in there but yes I do think it would be overwhelming. I love the print you got! Looks great!

  2. Wow, glad you got out of there alive, Deb!...Great print, love it!...Riley is beautiful and looks very happy!

  3. Oh. My. God.

    I spotted about 439 things I would kill to have. I LOVE to junk. Although that place is borderline hoarding! Scott and I furnished our first house in the "Roadside Garbage Picking" style.

    Great find! I like your print, and of COURSE your Granddaughter is sugar sweet. Kissies to her!

  4. WOWZA...I know of a place kind of like that but this is the walmart of junk's huge! It would take all day to see it all...amazing! (LOve Riley's hat!) ;D

  5. It reminds me of a moving sale we went to here, just stuff piled upon stuff until you couldn't move one thing without fear of avalanche.

    "Less is More" would definitely fit both events!

    One good thing is that my own house doesn't seem so cluttered after seeing that, or your antique visit!

  6. Riley looks particularly adorable there. :-)

    I wouldn't even be able to go in that place. Clutter gives me the heebee-jeebies. Makes my skin crawl. You were brave. LOL. At least you found a great print!