Friday, August 27, 2010

Get smart with that litter-box

My meeting went well and it was nice to have coffee at one of my favorite restaurants in town, The Good Food Co. After tying up some loose ends regarding the sale of my biscuit business, it was off to see my country cats.

Ebony & Cally wait for their favorite words.."Come on girls, breakfast"  Is it not just 'so wonderful' to watch a cat ease in to living comfortably in a new home with new owners who have rescued her from the street. "Cally, you are a very lucky girl." Next, off to see Bud & Chase and see what those two scallywags are up to. It's like seeing double.......

Dominique was next on my route.
Delightful Dominique. Is she not the most gorgeous girl? Normally it takes awhile for her to be comfortable with 'the cat-sitter' but this time around we are off to a good start. Cats love it when you get down on the floor to have a chat with them. It's not easy to crook your neck to look someone in the face all the while they are talking to you. This way we are both comfortable.

She was given quite the beauty-mark, don't you think?

Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^= litter boxes with flower-power

Did you know that cats HATE scented litter? Well, they do. Because your cat's sense of smell is 1000 times stronger than yours, what seems like a light scent to you is very overwhelming and stressful to your cat. Some cats refuse to use a litter that irritates them so much. If you have changed recently to a scented litter and your cat has left a surprise for you elsewhere, change your litter back to scent-free immediately. I do not use scented litter. Instead I add 2 tbsp. of baking soda to the litter-box every few days and it takes care of any odour. I replace the litter with clean litter twice a week and scoop daily (many times). With 5 cats of my own + my daughter's cats temporarily, I have 3 litter-boxes and do not have any problems with them using them.

I brought home a covered litter-box with fingers crossed that my 'ol girls could make the change and use it. All were fine with it but 1 cat. She was afraid to go inside. I think she thought that if she went in there and another cat came in she could not escape. So, she wouldn't use it. Well that just isn't good now, is it? One disgruntled cat can make a very smelly home. I also had a regular box with no lid so it wasn't a problem but if that is the only type of box you have and you are finding that the cat has gone outside the box you may have a cat that is afraid to be trapped. I suggest you keep the original box available while the cat gets used to the new covered box. Keep them side-by-side and once the cat has p'd in the original box scoop the p and place it in the new box. Awwww......sneaky! Sometimes it works and sometimes you just get a dirty look.
Mr. Ed says there is no way he would be seen in that litter-box. :)


  1. That is a pretty pink litter box! I always buy the unscented litter and I add extra baking soda to it to help keep down the smell.

    When Banjo got so big and was peeing over the sides of the litter box, I bought a big rubber made tote with lid, cut a hole on one side and that became his little box ~ it works perfect! No more accidents! :)

    Have a terrific weekend Deb!
    xo Catherine

  2. Charlie has had a covered litter box for most of his life and is very happy with it. I try not to use fragranced litter as I don't like it either but he is a pretty flexible kitty and will just do his business where he is suppose too no matter the litter. I am thinking of checking out a corn based litter, have you ever tried it??

  3. I and so happy Ebony is accepting Cally. Singletons can be pretty stubborn about a newbie. Not that I've had that problem for a LOOOONG time. ;-)

    We have two kiddy wading pools for boxes, and three large rubbermaid totes spread out tin various spots for kitty latrines, with only the occasional puddle...usually if I sleep in too long May Ling makes her displeasure known!

    pee ess: Do you think Mr. Ed would marry Me? LOL! I am in luurve with him!

  4. That sign on your car looks great!...Love all the sweet kitties you sit with, they are just precious!...Mr. Ed is a handsome fella!...Happy Friday, Deb!

  5. I love all your kitty clients. They seem so sweet and happy. I just know they love it when you show up to take care of them.

    Thanks for the tips on litter. I'm glad to know I'm doing it right. My kitties use a covered one and have adapted okay. Gabby is a kicker and a digger and likes to kick the litter out all over the floor! LOL!