Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Felines and Forgotten tracks

There is nothing better than to 'hunt' if you are a cat. Even if it is just in your imagination. These two fellas are my son's cats, Ozzie (on the left) and Cooper. They have a resident chipmunk who loves to tease them when it is playtime in the vines above the deck.
At our home, Rae-Rae waits patiently for people to walk by the kitchen window. She loves to try to get their attention. She is SO excited that it is almost back-to-school time because we have a school near by and hoards of kids walk by our window. Some even come up to the window to say 'hello' to her. She does somersaults for those kids
                                                   I'll just wait here for school to start"
                                                                          "Gimme five"
I am waiting for the fall with open arms. I love the cool weather after a hot, humid summer. I hate what follows it but it is truly my favorite time of year. This was taken last fall of the 'boys'
I am home now from a busy morning of cat-sitting. The afternoons are my time to catch up on whatever is 'bugging me', you know, we all have things hanging over our heads. So, I am heading over to the 'cop shop' to find out what I do to get 'bonded'. Doesn't hurt to cover all areas. Then, Kane and I will walk off our lunch maybe on this track that has been abandoned by all trains for the last year. I miss the trains. 


  1. Naughty chipmunk teasing the cats! LOL And sweet Rae Rae...doing tricks for the sweet! I love the Fall too and I sure could feel it in the air this morning! :D

  2. Hi Deb! Oh, I love these cute poses you snapped of your precious little kitties! I just love little Rae Rae. I think shes' reaching out for you! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Rae Rae is just the cutest! Charlie loves to look out the window and also when on the screened porch he can 'hunt' all sorts of critters. Enjoy your walk with Kane!

  4. Ozzie and Cooper are adorable boys!...Rae Rae is always such an entertaining sweetheart!...Kisses to all your beautiful babies, Deb, have a great day.