Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gentian Ear Treatment might be the ticket

I really do!"

I am so happy to post that we just may have found a product that is going to help my dog,  Kane with his ear infections. It is called Gentian Ear Treatment and from what I have seen after 2 applications I think we have found something that might be the ticket. It is made by the Urban Carnivore and the ingredients are witch hazel, boric acid and gentian violet solution. A lady who owns a basset hound with ear problems told me that this was the only solution that helped her dog after one application and she has been ear-infection free ever since. That sounded too good to be true but I told her I would try it. Within the hour a bottle was sitting at my door. How nice of this woman. We have treated Kane with it after reading more about the product and his ears tonight look good. He has not seemed bothered by his ears since the first application. I will keep you posted on the results of this product because I know there are many dogs with a similar problem after reading many of your comments. I have been looking at grain-free food also this last week and may be changing his diet somewhat. This product can also be used on cats. The label shows a dog and a cat. Good luck!

hugs, Deb


  1. YAY for Kane!!...I hope this new medicine will clear up his ear infections for good; how sweet of your friend to make sure he got it as soon as possible...He really is a gorgeous baby; I love all his adorable photos!

  2. How wonderful, Deb! I wonder if it would work on cats. I have a neighbor whose kitty has constant ear infedtons. I'll give her the info! I hope you are having a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  3. I hope this helps Kane!! Poor baby and ear infections. I love the info we can share with each other.

  4. Hurrah for Kane! Funny, folks have been using that recipie for hundreds of years...sometimes old methods are best. Fingers and paws crossed that Kane's ears clear up completely!

  5. Thank you for your recent comment regarding my post about pet sitting and I'm sure you could related to all of my tips.
    Your post arrived just in time and I am going to look for the Gentian Ear Treatment asap because my coonhound has been shaking her head for awhile now and I've had a feeling that she has an ear infection and will be taking her to the vet to find out if I'm right!

  6. Thanks Deb, now where can I find it? Ottawa somewhere? Health food store? Let me know when you can.
    So glad for precious Kane.
    Love Claudie