Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cheese Please

I spent some time again in the quaint little town of Almonte. I have Lucy there to care for every day and today I wandered into the town to look for a birthday present. I passed right by Baker Bob's today and did NOT partake in a premium pastry. No I didn't.....BECAUSE.....the 5 lbs I lost can be found again in two muffins. :( So, instead I picked a bright red tomato off of Lucy's mom's plant and made a sandwich at home. Good for me *pat pat*. If you are ever in Almonte, Ontario you must drop into  Blackbirds on the main street. It is enchanting.

The kitten that lives under the deck at Lucy's came by for lunch.

Off to visit with Smudge & Anu and let Kane have a run-around.

Smudge loves to have a treat. Anu is very particular about who she want close so I just talk to her and get a pet in when I can. I finished up with Buddy and Chase this morning. Those silly-willy's.
"Hi Kane"

 Kane enjoyed a little romp around the property and had a visit with his froggy friends.

I took some time out today to play with Rae-Rae. Poor poor Rae-Rae has trouble getting the old cats to partake in some fun and games. She relies on us humans for that. We don't swat her like the 'ol girls do.

She moves so fast I can't get a picture that she isn't fuzzy. She played 'til she was tuckered out and the old cats are now at peace.

Oh dear, Belle is back at the shelter now to try once again to find a home. She was only in foster because of a boo-boo on her back from another cat in the cat-room. We are going on 10 months that she has been there. *Sigh*  I better double up on my prayers for this lovely girl.
The right home is out there. I can feel it.
"Now I lay me down to sleep and pray that Belle finds a home to keep"

Cat-tip-for-the-day - Eating Cheese
Cheese is ok in small doses for your cat as long as it does not constipate or upset the cat. You will know if it will within 12 hours of feeding the cat the cheese. 

Most cats can tolerate little bits at a time and would most likely knock you over for a bite of the tasty morsel. Stick to a cheddar or mild cheese if you want to treat your cat.

The clever cat eats cheese and breaths down rat holes with baited breath. =^..^=


  1. Great photos of so many beautiful babies...Rae Rae looks like such a fun, playful girl...I am looking forward to your post where you inform us Belle has found a loving forever home=blessings to that sweet girl...Happy Friday, Deb!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, caring for the furries. Half of our Horde would cheerfully kill you for cheese (especially Parmesan!) and the other half says "eh".

    As to cold cat food: you can always warm the dish up with hot water, and add a bit of hot water to the cold food when you smoosh it up. That takes the chill off. Of course at MY house theres NO such thing as a half-uneaten can! LOL!