Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I can still hear her words

Here is a picture that I cherish, mostly because I have so few of my grandmother who I loved very much. From left is my Aunt Frances, my granny, Aunt Vera and my mother.
I have posted about my grandmother and her love of cats and my fun times on her farm. This post is about my mom. 13 years ago today, she passed away from cancer. This day will always be the day every year that I dread the most and yet at the end of this day I will be filled with wonderful memories of my mother and feel so blessed to have been her daughter. Her name was Edna Elizabeth Wilson. She always said that she wished she had been called Elizabeth as she hated her first name. I remember telling her when I was young that I didn't like mine either. She just rolled her eyes and said "Oh darn, so what do you want to be called?" .
Deborah, Debbie, Deb stuck so it never got changed but I never blamed wasn't so bad. Mom had a great sense of humour and always looked so pulled together.  My friends used to tell me that I was lucky to have her for a mom...she was cool! 
I wish she was here to meet Riley (my grand-daughter) and see how much she looks like her daddy. My mom loved my children so much and was very proud of them. It's so hard not to share my joy with her. I feel her with me everyday though and sometimes when I am faced with a decision I find myself wondering what she would do. "Make a decision and stick with it. It will all work out." I still hear her voice and can see her kind eyes. I am grateful for that. 
Today I will try to enjoy the memories mixed in with a few tears. "Miss you, mom"


  1. Oh Deb, if she raised you to be the woman you are today than she did a GREAT job. You are a wonderful caring soul.
    I know how you feel. I miss my dad every single day. He's been gone over 30 years already. We had great parents.
    Happy Week
    Love Claudie

  2. She raised an awesome daughter and I think she knew Riley very well even before Riley came to earth...she watches over all of you now, you are her family and you always will be! :D

  3. A lovely tribute to your Mom; she was obviously a wonderful woman and mother to have raised such a kind and loving daughter...Wishing you comfort today, Deb; sending love and big hugs.

  4. Hugs and Light to you today, Deb, for comfort and peace.

  5. Oh Deb I feel your sadness, but the love you have for your Mom is beautiful. She will always bring you such joy in her memories! Hugs to you and a wish for a lovely day of memories!