Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Busy summer days.

The summer is starting off very busy, and not just for us,
but for our resident critters.

They are all looking happy and healthy.
And we have babies. :)))

Wee baby House Wrens

And a newcomer, that has decided to make this his home, is our bunny, Nutmeg. He's very patriotic.
"Welcome little one. Please don't eat me out of house and home."

                                                       Annie and Wilson are doing fine.
                                              He's learning and she is somewhat patient. :-b
                                                                         We adore him.

Our Bug Bed and Breakfast has a family of ants, so far. lol

And the retired guy took a break from the house on the weekend to move the dirt to the back of the property and build a berm.
We will someday landscape it with trees and perennials
but not this year.
I couldn't look at the pile of dirt behind the house another minute.

For now it will just protect us from invading tanks, if any show up.

The fabulous fifty, free-range lovely ladies across the road are still providing us with wonderful farm eggs every week.
These were bought the same day they were laid.
Now that's fresh. :))
One went into this delicious rhubarb cake last week. I found the rhubarb along our fence. :) The plant may be as old as I am. imagine!

The recipe is from The Canadian Mennonite Cook Book. 

Next time I will try peaches. 

I hope you are having a fun and busy summer, too.
I must get around to say "hi"

Be kind, 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

We welcome those sweet days of summer.

Summer has arrived.
The baby birds are heard calling for their dinner.
The daisies are blooming
The gardens are in full bloom.

Here are a few regulars around here.
Not a day goes by without a visit from Dave.

Mama House Wren is as busy as a bee with her noisy babies. 

She is such a good mama.

And we feed this little newcomer every morning
although the crows find him most annoying.
I know Henny will like him.
She'll want me to name him.

The two munchkins get along fine but sometimes Annie steals the Wilson box and he falls to pieces.

He, as in Wilson, likes to lick  the back of dining chairs. Don't ask me. I seem to always adopt the strange ones. Well, they need homes too. lol
He is a real gem, really. Sweet on the inside, like marshmallow, and a cutie like no other.
He has a gentle spirit. He's huggable but don't lift his feet off the ground; he turns into a wiggly worm and squeals like a girl. =^..^=

he loves tissue paper
                                                   He has me wrapped around his paw.

We are still working on the house, tending to gardens, trimming trees, moving dirt and building a berm at the back of the lot. It's a smart way to use up the dirt from the foundation and give the property a bit more interest. And we need to find a home for many huge rocks.
We all have lots to do now that summer has arrived.
But some days I just want to pick the daisies. :)

be kind,

Monday, June 11, 2018

It's daisy time

We are enjoying some of the most beautiful days of the year right now.
And, just to make it even more like heaven, it's daisy time.
The property here, that hasn't been dug up by some loud and annoying machine, is covered with them.
My mom always called them 'the happy flower'.
Then I heard Meg Ryan call them that in 'You've Got Mail' and I almost cried.

As you can see, Mr. Wilson is right at home and still likes to watch me flit here and there from his perch.
And when the grandittles visit he heads to the garage and sits way up on top of the storage bins and watches with much delight.

We have birds nesting in many houses right now.
It is wonderful to listen to them in the morning when they are most active and flying back and forth from the nests.
We have mostly house wrens and they just happen to be my favorite to listen to.
I know the chickadees are nesting somewhere but it's not here. We have maybe a handful still eating their seed here. I always miss them so much at this time but will enjoy their wee ones when they return to the feeders.

We have blue-jays and doves nesting in the trees but far too high up for photos.

"Hi Wilson"

The kids were here. lol

He's the cutest little jigger. And he loves his Wilson's box. :)

Annie is not crazy about him but that's probably because she is a torti with cat-titude and he's all feet and energy and often too much in her face.
Things will get better with time.
Meanwhile, he will tear up and down the stairs and shred his toys to pieces. 
We love him to bits.
=^..^= =^..^=

Simon's friend watching the grands play.
"My, they do run fast."

We have so many chipmunks here this year that you can't go a few feet without spotting one. Simon is still under the pump but shares his den now.
No little ones to report yet.

My sister and traveling niece visited on Sunday.
Yes, we took a selfie. lol


Work continues on the house and out-door work never seems to end.
A bob-cat arrives soon to move piles of dirt to a spot where we will design a berm at the back of the property. We want to add height and interest to the landscape.
There we will place many of the large rocks that were dug out from the foundation of the house.
I hope our 'vision' works. :) 
It will be nice someday to just relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

The daisies are short-lived but their little faces bring back happy memories of days gone by here at the farm.
One of God's gifts, for sure.

'Til next time.
Be kind,

Monday, June 4, 2018

Around and about the mouse-house.

The weather here has been outstanding; warm breezes, tolerable humidity and glorious sunshine.
Then the nights cool down. :) Maybe a bit of rain.
Much of the day is spent outside gardening, adding to the landscape and burning brush. 
I haven't had to water anything because of the evening showers. It's been perfect, really.  

The cats are becoming a family; Wilson in entertaining mode much of the time and Annie tolerating his silliness. He has wiggled his way right in to our hearts. Well, the humans, for sure.
He loves his high places.
                                 Found his favorite box. lol

And a bit of this and that...

Waiting on tea. :)

                                                   A mama-to-be house wren.
It's surely looking like summer already. We have four bird houses full which is the most in one season for us. And new bunnies have showed up. And Dave, our neighbour's cat, has a brother named Buddy but he stays clear of strangers.

It's a busy place at Fox Grove.

be kind,