Monday, June 11, 2018

It's daisy time

We are enjoying some of the most beautiful days of the year right now.
And, just to make it even more like heaven, it's daisy time.
The property here, that hasn't been dug up by some loud and annoying machine, is covered with them.
My mom always called them 'the happy flower'.
Then I heard Meg Ryan call them that in 'You've Got Mail' and I almost cried.

As you can see, Mr. Wilson is right at home and still likes to watch me flit here and there from his perch.
And when the grandittles visit he heads to the garage and sits way up on top of the storage bins and watches with much delight.

We have birds nesting in many houses right now.
It is wonderful to listen to them in the morning when they are most active and flying back and forth from the nests.
We have mostly house wrens and they just happen to be my favorite to listen to.
I know the chickadees are nesting somewhere but it's not here. We have maybe a handful still eating their seed here. I always miss them so much at this time but will enjoy their wee ones when they return to the feeders.

We have blue-jays and doves nesting in the trees but far too high up for photos.

"Hi Wilson"

The kids were here. lol

He's the cutest little jigger. And he loves his Wilson's box. :)

Annie is not crazy about him but that's probably because she is a torti with cat-titude and he's all feet and energy and often too much in her face.
Things will get better with time.
Meanwhile, he will tear up and down the stairs and shred his toys to pieces. 
We love him to bits.
=^..^= =^..^=

Simon's friend watching the grands play.
"My, they do run fast."

We have so many chipmunks here this year that you can't go a few feet without spotting one. Simon is still under the pump but shares his den now.
No little ones to report yet.

My sister and traveling niece visited on Sunday.
Yes, we took a selfie. lol


Work continues on the house and out-door work never seems to end.
A bob-cat arrives soon to move piles of dirt to a spot where we will design a berm at the back of the property. We want to add height and interest to the landscape.
There we will place many of the large rocks that were dug out from the foundation of the house.
I hope our 'vision' works. :) 
It will be nice someday to just relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

The daisies are short-lived but their little faces bring back happy memories of days gone by here at the farm.
One of God's gifts, for sure.

'Til next time.
Be kind,


  1. So good to hear how things are progressing for you there. I love seeing Wilson and hope that soon Annie has a special spot for him - in her heart, mind you. I believe with you that they will do well in time. Good. He must be such fun to watch him play and become more who he is.

    It is such fun to catch up on all that is happening there. Blessing upon the work being done by all.

    Have a great week.

  2. Oh, he is just so cute! Love his little spot way up high!

  3. Love Daises! Wilson is a fun addition to your home!

  4. Beautiful picture of two sisters - sisters who love polka-dots. Nice. Bess from Massachusetts

  5. Daisies are my favorite flowers; they look so fresh and innocent. Annie is a distinctive lady with her own mind and Wilson is just an active teenager to her! I know she will come to love him but only when she is ready. He really does love to get up high doesn't he? We have a six foot cat tree and our two cats have a contest each day to see who gets on top. If our male cat does not get on top of that he will perch on top of the refrigerator. I think these guys like to be in charge of their Kingdom and can best do that from a high vantage point!

  6. HeHe! Who's Daisy...? Bless! :).
    Mr Wilson..Love that name, of course
    we had a Prime Minister by that name..
    Harold Wilson.. from 1964 to 1970 and
    from 1974 to 1976...!

    And, Simon..Goodness! His folder is getting
    quite full now..he has his own folder on my
    PC..and l keep it updated! I do enjoy a cup
    of lemon tea and browsing through his folder!

    My back lawn is covered in daisies, there
    amazing things, cut the grass one morning, then
    the following day, there they are again, in full
    flower..really a determined little flower...! :).

  7. I like daisys too!
    In the park nearby my home there are thousands of them! :)
    What kind of beard you have in your garden? I know nothing about birds for now :D But maybe one day I'll be able to recognize more than the pidgeon haha! :P

  8. Such a lovely catch up with you Deb. Wilson does bring a certain energy ... your description of Annie being a tortie is oh so true, our tortie girl was one full of attitude & she ruled, we miss her so much. Daisies are such a cheerful flower & require so little effort to keep them coming back, a staple in my garden too.

  9. Oh Deb, I'm loving your Mr. Wilson and so glad he is settling in. Annie will come to. All your birds look happy. I can't figure out if a wren has taken over the house she used a few years ago. I've seen her some and on top of the house and once maybe coming out of it, but no other signs of life and she isn't there so much as before. Who knows? The seed is going more slowly these days as they find places to munch on elsewhere. I love your peaceable kingdom with Simon and the kids and friends. All good. Hugs, j

  10. The daisies certainly are a welcome sight to see, and so are the kitties.

  11. Love the pics of Annie and Wilson! And I love daisies too!
    I think the selfie came out really good.

  12. Love that image of Wilson, hiding 'way up top! LOL! I cannot wait to see what you do with those boulders; it's gonna be great!

  13. Daisies do look happy, don't they? Perhaps because they resemble the sun bursting through clouds...

    Quite a bit of activity there. I'm surprised the chipmunks and birds aren't frightened off by all the construction; surprised but pleased. What's the countryside without wildlife. Not that Simon is very wild; he seems to like his people too much.

  14. awww the daisies are sweet! i like the feverfew for the same reason, they are happy flowers!
    Wilson sure is a cutie & i hope Annie will warm up to him eventually (my old biddy hasn't warmed to the new one yet either & she's been here since November!) Annie is looking good though seems a little sad, understandable, as a mum myself we expect our children to outlive us, not the other way round. sending hugs your way Annie, you sweet thing!
    lovely selfie of the sisters too!
    can't wait to see if Simon has a little family of his own too!
    your place sounds like it's coming along nicely, when do we get to see?
    awesome post, loved all the nesting birds photos
    thanx for sharing

  15. So lovely to hear that Wilson is keeping everyone amused =) I love that photo of Annie sitting by the daisies. If that photo were a card, I would buy it!

  16. Is Wilson sticking out his tongue in his Wilson’s box photo?

  17. Really looking forward to seeing photos of your new digs.....especially the inside!
    Hope you have A/C while you work hard on finishing things up. Great photo of you and your sis.
    And good to see Wilson settling in.
    Annie, you gotta be kind to this new guy!
    Nebraska ><>