Monday, June 4, 2018

Around and about the mouse-house.

The weather here has been outstanding; warm breezes, tolerable humidity and glorious sunshine.
Then the nights cool down. :) Maybe a bit of rain.
Much of the day is spent outside gardening, adding to the landscape and burning brush. 
I haven't had to water anything because of the evening showers. It's been perfect, really.  

The cats are becoming a family; Wilson in entertaining mode much of the time and Annie tolerating his silliness. He has wiggled his way right in to our hearts. Well, the humans, for sure.
He loves his high places.
                                 Found his favorite box. lol

And a bit of this and that...

Waiting on tea. :)

                                                   A mama-to-be house wren.
It's surely looking like summer already. We have four bird houses full which is the most in one season for us. And new bunnies have showed up. And Dave, our neighbour's cat, has a brother named Buddy but he stays clear of strangers.

It's a busy place at Fox Grove.

be kind, 



  1. Wilson is a lucky kitty; it looks like your instincts were correct. Annie will come around, she is a wise kitty. Simon looks prosperous. Rebecca 2

  2. Wilson is such a cutie! This is the first I remember hearing about Buddy, since Dave is SUCH a people kitty!

  3. Wilson is very handsome. I think a cat who climbs high is surely a smarty! Everything looks gorgeous around your patch!

  4. I love seeing Annie and Wilson together. I hope Annie is doing okay with him. I know it can be difficult for a cat to accept a new one but Annie has a heart of gold. I know Wilson loves and appreciates all you are doing for him. Every cat deserves a loving forever home.

    It is fun to see the outhouse and all the bits and bobs you decorate it with. It reminds me of my grandmother's old farm. Simon sure looks happy. I bet he has a family by now! It looks like Buddy is checking you out. With your love and understanding of animals he will be visiting eventually.

    Enjoy your week and give Annie and Wilson my love!

  5. Lots of critters to keep you busy!

  6. It just warms my heart to see Wilson fitting in so well. He is so cute. Enjoy this season while you can. It's already so hot here!

  7. I think Wilson i going to be a very interesting cat!
    Simon seems to be almost tame now - and apparently enjoys being photographed, he's adorable.
    Glad the weather is conducive to gardening and nesting - your birds must love Fox Grove - but who wouldn't!

    I've been busy re-doing the step back dresser - yesterday I took everything out, washed all the china and am disposing of some to make room for more everyday dishes - my kitchen cabinets are getting overloaded! I truly need to downsize!!!!!!!

    Happy Week Deb.

  8. Glad to see your photos are working again as they are always so lovely . Glad Wilson is settling well I didn't dought that he wouldn't as he has such a wonderful home with you all . Wonderful that you have more birdies this year in the houses . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  9. Is that Simon I see? Is Simone still with him?

    It's good to read that Wilson is doing so well. He seems like the easy-going type. And Annie is very nice to tolerate him.

    I hope Buddy becomes less shy with time. He may learn from Dave.

  10. Lovely post to wake up to Deb..!:).
    Looks like Wilson!x loves the camera,
    he's gonna a be a poser l think....
    HeHe! And l should know! :).

    And Simon!x..Bless! Nice seeing him out
    and about, showing off his little pink
    tongue! :).

    All looking lovely and bright to...You've
    got lots to keep you all busy, l bet Wilsons!x
    loving it....!!! (ミටᆽටミ)

  11. You chose well! He looks very happy with his wonderful new family, a perfect fit. Fox Grove is a beautiful place, lucky animals and lucky grandchildren! I have really enjoyed this little visit.

  12. So glad Wilson is working his way into the hearts & photos of the family. I chuckled at your chipmunk photo with tongue out, I too have one photo like that. Our baby chipmunks (there are at least 3) have been making their first garden appearances. Your waiting for tea still life is so pretty.

  13. I'm loving seeing Wilson there with you. I hope he and Annie become the best of friends. It sure looks like they are moving in the right direction. Wonderful.

    Blessings upon all - especially that new little man...

  14. It's been a while since we last dropped by.
    We are sorry about Audrey and offer purrs and hugs.
    Wilson looks like a sweetie and it is good to hear he is settling in and getting on with Annie(hopefully well).
    Your yard is looking great as are the critters.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ
    and mum Nancy

  15. a new kitty! welcome Wilson, what a lovely name! you have some big paws to fill but looks like you have already won the hearts of many! glad to hear that Annie is getting some comfort from him; i don't care what some think but animals do grieve too; hope they become the best of friends
    ooo does Simon have a little family yet? such a cute photo of the tongue! becoming quite the poser!
    take care & give the kitties big hugs
    thanx for sharing

  16. What a cute face Wilson has. Looks like he is adjusting just fine, lucky little kitty. I'm so glad you found him. It is beautiful there, and I love seeing that little Simon again. Makes me happy to see a post from you. :)

  17. Oh that Wilson has already stolen all of our hearts!

  18. Wilson seems like a character and I'm glad that Annie seems to be finding her footing with him (I never doubted that you would fall madly in love with the little fella). Looks like things are really coming along on your property and you have a new neighbor to boot!

  19. Very busy, very beautiful and very delightful. I'm glad Wilson is settling in (and found his special box!) and that things are going well with Annie. Simon is back and all looks well in the world!

  20. We’re so happy Wilson is finding his place in the family. He is certainly a cutie-pie. We’ll take all the photos and stories you have about this dear boy.
    Is that Simon? Oh happy day. How wonderful to see him!
    Love to all, Kari

  21. Wilson looks really at home at his new home.

  22. Sounds like a really perfect weather. Wilson is such a cute kitty. Love the photo of him in the box :-)

  23. I like the paws over the ledge picture and the Wilson in the Wilson’s box. Gail

  24. Wilson is amazing <3 My cats also love to spend their time up high! I made them some space on the wardrobe and I think they're satisfied ;)
    I like the photos of your small guests ;)
    When I was on my last trip I've tried to make a photo of a hare. But All the photos I've made are blurred and it's impossible to even say what's on it :D