Friday, August 9, 2019


If you have been a reader of this blog you will remember Simon. I want to let everyone know that our dear little Simon never surfaced from his den this spring/summer. I watched for him daily and left his favorite treats at the front hole where I last saw him in November. But we have not seen hide nor hair of him all summer. :-(
Simon was our trained chipmunk who would show up when called, follow me to the gardens and watch from the fence post and he kept us entertained with his silly antics with his chipmunk friends. He made a den 4 years ago under my grandmothers' old well pump and there he would be every spring to live another summer and fall with us taking care of his every need. lol
I miss him. But I have learned that they only live 5 years so I guess the little monkey had a full life.
There are lots of new chippies here and I love watching them at the feeders filling their mouths 'til they almost burst and running about like lunatics. They really are so cute. Perhaps some are off-spring of Simon's; I would guess they are. And a few have found the den opening at the pump and are starting to stock up their pantries for winter. Just like Simon did. 
I don't think that little fella knew he was only a chipmunk. He needed company and enjoyed being around us. He reminded me of the kitten that looks in the mirror and sees a lion looking back.
Simon had a big personality. 
That is him in my header. :-)

So farewell to little Simon. I have had a few tears over losing him and now I have stopped watching for him and I hope that there will be a little Simon who will make himself present and perhaps be a 'chip' off the old block.
We will welcome you. :-)

Rest in Peace, Simon.


Well, hello there.

This morning's garden visitor.

With coffee in hand, I walked to the garden this morning to check out how the tomatoes were coming along. A noise from above my head and near the entrance to the wood-lot got my attention.
This guy fell out of a sumac tree with a thud and landed only a few feet from me. :-[
We both stood very still, only my heart pounding and his head rotating to get his where-abouts.

He was about  two and a half feet tall and very beautiful.
He stared at me, stayed long enough for a photo and then off through the wood-lot he went.
I think it was a Green Heron; perhaps a juvenile. What was he doing up in a sumac tree?
Does anyone recognize this bird?


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Welcoming August

I love August. The days are warm and bright and the evenings cool.
The gardens are usually at their best if the weather has been good. We are having a dry-spell at the moment so sprinklers are needed this month. My garden is small this year and we are enjoying everything we harvest; tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli.
yellow beans & zucchini. It's all delicious.

And we have raspberries from my grandmother's bush (over 75 years old) and one that we planted last year. These were enjoyed over ice-cream.

Wilson has no interest in our harvest.
This is where I find him after a full day of helping the retired-guy. Right now they are bricking the fireplace.

We have many family birthdays this month; one being my first-born. She is 37 this year. has that happened so fast. I guess we parents ask ourselves often when our children become adults and eventually have families of their own just where have the years gone. Oh well, beats the alternative.

Our little family of house wrens left the nest yesterday. Once again I missed their departure and will miss them terribly. We presently do not have any nests in our houses. :-( I'm hoping any bird that is always late for the show decides to have a go at late summer nesting. I sure miss the sound of mama wren calling from her roof-top.

I am waiting anxiously for our chickadees to return. That's another thing I love about August.  We don't see one chickadee all summer as they leave our area to nest. I believe they go into the bush and nest in the cedars and maples. They never use our houses (we have nine) like the house wrens and swallows. They will soon return and bring along their young to our feeders.
When I hear that first "chickadee-dee-dee" it's like welcoming back an old friend. And there's no bird cuter than a baby chickadee.

I hope your August is going well. I'll be busy cat-sitting for the end-of-summer travellers. It's always a busy time for pet-sitters.
I'll have some beauties to show off. :-)

be kind, Deb