Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Welcoming August

I love August. The days are warm and bright and the evenings cool.
The gardens are usually at their best if the weather has been good. We are having a dry-spell at the moment so sprinklers are needed this month. My garden is small this year and we are enjoying everything we harvest; tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli.
yellow beans & zucchini. It's all delicious.

And we have raspberries from my grandmother's bush (over 75 years old) and one that we planted last year. These were enjoyed over ice-cream.

Wilson has no interest in our harvest.
This is where I find him after a full day of helping the retired-guy. Right now they are bricking the fireplace.

We have many family birthdays this month; one being my first-born. She is 37 this year. has that happened so fast. I guess we parents ask ourselves often when our children become adults and eventually have families of their own just where have the years gone. Oh well, beats the alternative.

Our little family of house wrens left the nest yesterday. Once again I missed their departure and will miss them terribly. We presently do not have any nests in our houses. :-( I'm hoping any bird that is always late for the show decides to have a go at late summer nesting. I sure miss the sound of mama wren calling from her roof-top.

I am waiting anxiously for our chickadees to return. That's another thing I love about August.  We don't see one chickadee all summer as they leave our area to nest. I believe they go into the bush and nest in the cedars and maples. They never use our houses (we have nine) like the house wrens and swallows. They will soon return and bring along their young to our feeders.
When I hear that first "chickadee-dee-dee" it's like welcoming back an old friend. And there's no bird cuter than a baby chickadee.

I hope your August is going well. I'll be busy cat-sitting for the end-of-summer travellers. It's always a busy time for pet-sitters.
I'll have some beauties to show off. :-)

be kind, Deb


  1. It is so wonderful that you still get raspberries from your grandmother's plant. I can imagine how she would feel to see her great great grandchildren enjoying what she planted! I love the picture of Wilson off in kitty dream land. I always wonder what they dream. Enjoy the family birthdays this month. Yes, where does the time go? I will be 67 this month and I'm still not sure what happened to the years. Your chickadees will be here soon and no doubt they will be as happy to see you as you will be to see them! Enjoy your August!

  2. Deb, love that pic of Wilson! And also the pics of the wrens... we used to have wrens making nests in hanging plants on the back porch, but I think the feral cats out there now keep them away. Enjoy the rest of your August!

  3. A cat can make any twisted position appear comfortable!
    August is a sllump time for gardens here in south central Kentucky. The ground is very dry and we hope for rain in mid to late August to encourage a fall planting of broccoli and greens.
    Its sounding like you may be in your new home this winter!

  4. Wilson's got it in the air like he just don't care! During the day, the window air conditioner goes on, then at night it's off. The humidity is the kicker. The cats will sleep right next to that a/c unit, when I would think it's too loud and too cold...but, why do I wonder? Cats will do as they like!

  5. Hi Deb...
    Enjoy your August...Enjoy your gardens...enjoy!!
    Linda :o)

  6. not sure what blogger has done to me but you're another blog that i've missed posts on cos they weren't up on the feed...
    doesn't the years go by fast? my eldest is 29 now (July birthday) the other 2 a year apart down from her; no grandies yet though;
    we have had a very dry winter here, water tables in some areas are getting well below their reserves, ours has been at the 20% for a couple of years now, no sprinklers allowed. half my gardens have died off; going to redo them with more water-wise plants later on.
    awww Winston looks so exhausted there after helping with the brick fireplace which i hope we get to see too :))
    well, take care of yourself xxx
    looking forward to your next post
    thanx for sharing

  7. I love raspberries - how lucky you are to have that gift from your grandmother. Loving Wilson too. He looks worn out and I'm sure your husband feels the same.

  8. Did you know?
    The Chickadee is a frequent visitor to bird feeders...
    They can remember where they hide food for at least a month after putting it in its hiding place...
    To keep warm the chickadee erects its soft, thick feathers to trap warm air close to its body. This serves as good insulation against the cold...
    When breeding season begins, the tiny brains of chickadees and other songbirds enlarge to enable the birds to create more sounds...

    HeHe! SIMON..???

  9. It's hot here this August, though the temperature is predicted to plummet to the low twenties this weekend... My favourite month is September, but an August like yours is pretty nice, too, especially with fresh raspberries. Where I lived Down East once, there were blackberries on the slope behind our house, and apples on the trees in the garden. Across the brook, there was a field of wild strawberries. Sigh.

  10. So many nice things you have put into your life! I squeeze August a little harder than the other summer months too. And I love that you have your grandmother's raspberries!

  11. Wilson looks comfortable in that way that only cats can.